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Build visual dashboards and reports to express any piece of data, discover underlying trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Sisense’s data visualization software gives you a way to graphically represent your data to communicate large data sets clearly and efficiently. Rather than trying to analyze a long lists of numbers in rows and columns, Sisense makes data easy to digest by allowing anyone to crunch large data sets and visualize it with beautiful pictures, graphs, charts, maps and more–all in a single dashboard.

Sisense is built as a self-service Business Intelligence software solution, so all data visualization tools are easy to use and allow anyone to create a meaningful dashboards and reports without having to rely on IT for continuous changes or customizations. Get fast and accurate answers to crucial questions such as what is driving growth, where your company is spending its resources and more, as well as establish a way to measure KPIs across all departments.

Unleash the Power of Visual Analytics

Forget about poring over spreadsheets: Sisense gives you all the tools you need to understand your data in an interactive, visual environment, enabling you to easily identify trends and developments as they happen. Connect directly to the data source or sources you want to analyze, tie your data together with easy data preparation features, and then choose from dozens of available charts, graphs, indicators and maps to truly unlock the value of your data.

Using this real-time data visualization lets anyone in your business get the information and insights they need at a glance – rather than waiting for IT to query a database or spending hours crunching the numbers in Excel. When every decisionmaker has data at their fingertip, your company can truly become a data-driven organization.

Example of Sisense Executive Dashboard

Create Brilliant Interactive Dashboards

Customize your dashboard layout using an intuitive UI that makes analysis simple with drag-and-drop features to place each BI data visualization exactly where you want it. Sisense provides a variety of data visualization to pinpoint the best visualization for your data. Each dashboard holds many widgets and filters, which you can add and remove in a click to get speed-of-thought analysis. Some dashboard widgets include:

  • Scatter plots to see correlations
  • Gauges to measure KPIs
  • Line charts to determine trends
  • Bar and pie charts to draw clear comparisons
  • Geographical maps and heat maps

“We talk a lot about analytics but there are few services that make it as dead simple as Sisense. The platform is fast, has rich visualizations and is designed for the everyday user.”

Alex Williams of TechCruch

Join Large Data Sets to Take Any Data into Account

From historical data analysis to predictive analytics, your company can learn from it’s past and forecast into the future. Making data visualization easier for users on the front end is really step two in the two-step process of data visualization. Step one is allowing non-technical users to connect to live data and set up dashboards from large data sets–whether they will be drawing on multiple data sources such as Salesforce and a corporate database like Hadoop, or just from Excel. Sisense data visualization software lets business users:

  • Access data easily with built-in connectors
  • Format information correctly so data is ready for visualization
  • Ensure that data is high quality and accurate
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Easy to Use, Even for Non-Techies

Sisense is easy enough for any non-technical user, but so powerful it crunches multiple, large data sets and solves complex analytical problems. Share discoveries with your team in one click via web, email, and any mobile device. The result is a BI dashboard solution that gives answers to the people who actually need them, so your business explodes with smart, data-driven decisions coming from every department.

“Sisense was the simplest to use BI tool I had ever come across…Sisense won with flying colors on ease of use and visualization.”

Lee Eckersley, Head of Business Analysis at

Share Dashboards Across Your Organization

Collaborate with every department across your entire organization by easily sharing dashboards:

  • All Sisense BI solution dashboards and reports are web-based
  • Access dashboards and query on the go, from any mobile device
  • Share insights, add data, and drill-down and filter to build upon existing insights

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