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Build visual dashboards and reports to express any piece of data, discover underlying trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Sisense’s data visualization software gives you a way to graphically represent your data to communicate large data sets clearly and efficiently.

Rather than trying to analyze a long lists of numbers in rows and columns, Sisense makes data easy to digest by allowing anyone to crunch large data sets and visualize it with beautiful pictures, graphs, charts, maps and more–all in a single dashboard.

Sisense is built as a self-service Business Intelligence software solution, so all data visualization tools are easy to use and allow anyone to create a meaningful dashboards and reports without having to rely on IT for continuous changes or customizations. Get fast and accurate answers to crucial questions such as what is driving growth, where your company is spending its resources and more, as well as establish a way to measure KPIs across all departments.

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Data Visualization

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Aaron Stronge, Associate Director of IP

Our clients are savvy in terms of their analytics needs and demand data and processes they can trust, and Sisense helped us do just that.

Emanuel Nardo

Data Scientist

Sisense provides us with a powerful platform that scales alongside our business as we integrate more data sources and enable all employees to have a true self-service experience.

Malinda Jepsen, BI Expert

I attribute the speed of implementation to Sisense’s usability and how quick and easy it is to put data sources together.

Lior Libman

Consumers make a lot of noise so we use Sisense to see where the money and where actual work is. Even though you always have a feeling, it helps to back it up with numbers.