Sisense BloX

Sisense’s BloX lets you create dynamic, rich applications and widgets that can turn your dashboard into interactive business apps. BloX are JSON objects rendered as HTML inside widgets on your dashboard. The idea behind BloX is to allow you to create dynamic and interactive content in your dashboard, thus allowing you to gather insights and take immediate action from within your business intelligence environment. For example, you can create widgets that visualize an important KPI, while also displaying buttons that allow you to push a webhook to a destination you define. Sisense BloX offers much more than just a customizable design, with BloX, you can:
  • Add images to your widget
  • Organize your content in containers and columns
  • Add multiple types of actions
  • Collect input from your users

Who Should Try This?

Sisense BloX are JSON objects that render HTML and CSS. Therefore, to create your own interactive BloX, you should have a basic understanding of how JSON works, and have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

How it Works

After installing BloX, the first step is to create a new widget or edit an existing widget and choosing the widget type BloX.

This transforms the Widget Editor into the BloX Design Panel, which contains the following features and functionality:

Visualizer: Displays the current state of your visualization as defined in the Card Editor and Configuration Editor.

Card Editor: Contains the HTML JSON objects that determine the content of your BloX, including text and interactive actions such as buttons. This is where you provide the content of your BloX and describe what actions your BloX can do.

Templates: Contains a list of predefined templates Sisense has designed that you can edit to fit your use case. Currently, new templates cannot be created, so the easiest way to design BloX is to choose the template closest to your use case and modify it.

Configuration Editor: Contains CSS JSON objects that determine the look and feel of your cards.

From the BloX Design Panel, you can create your own cards by customizing predefined templates created by Sisense. Currently, you cannot create your own templates from scratch.

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