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Sisense BloX makes it easier than ever to create custom actionable analytic applications from complex data by leveraging powerful prebuilt templates to integrate application like functionality into dashboards.

The Sisense BloX framework includes a robust library of templates to ensure that you can get started quickly by adding the new visualization options or integration points with other systems applications. Additionally, the Sisense BloX framework includes an easy-to-use interface to expose and access many API capabilities directly in the Sisense UI using standard basic CSS & JSON making access to these APIs accessible to a much wider range of developers in a low-code environment.

Breaking Changes

Sisense BloX 2.0 includes major infrastructure changes. These changes will affect how your Sienese BloX widgets from earlier versions are displayed.

Sisense encourages you to upgrade to the latest version of Sisense BloX as this version provides more flexibility, allowing you to customize every element in your widgets.

The following are a list of breaking changes that you can expect when upgrading to the latest version of Sisense BloX:

  • Styling and layout changes. You should verify that the styling of your Sisense BloX widgets works as expected
  • The value of <style> is no longer a string and should now include CSS
  • Values of attributes are now case-sensitive
  • Conditional formatting includes a max value
  • JumpToDashboard and lightboxes are not supported with SisenseJS

If you have an earlier version of Sisense BloX or want to install an earlier version, you can find the documentation here.

Sisense’s BloX lets you create dynamic, rich widgets that can turn your dashboard into an interactive business app. BloX are JSON objects rendered as HTML inside widgets on your dashboard. The idea behind Sisense BloX is to allow you to create dynamic and interactive content in your widgets, thus allowing you to gather insights and take immediate action from within your widget or dashboard. For example, you can create widgets that visualize an important KPI, while also displaying buttons that allow you to push a webhook to take an action you define.

Sisense BloX offers much more than just a customizable design. With Sisense BloX, you can:

  • Add images to your widget
  • Embed iFrames
  • Add custom scripts
  • Organize your content in containers and columns
  • Add multiple types of actions
  • Collect input from your users

Who Should Try This

Sisense BloX are JSON objects that render HTML and CSS. Therefore, to create your own interactive BloX, you should have a basic understanding of how JSON works, and have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

The following pages will show you how you can create interactive dashboards with Sisense BloX:

For the Sisense BloX documentation, click here.
Join the discussion in the Sisense Community Forum!

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10 November 2021 (Version 2.1.22)

  • Fixed exporting BloX widgets
  • Text and value are not displayed on the PDF file downloaded with new exporting


28 January 2021 (Version 2.1.17)

  • Fixed the Submit action so that it now works with external requests
  • The Detailed List Template Carousel False now shows more than 10 records in the Dashboard
  • Text and values now display properly on the PDF file download

15 July 2020

  • Fixed the issue when BloX delays dashboard loading
  • Fixed rendering of BloX in IE11
  • Updated the readme file to include information on how to configure new security policies to work with the BloX plugin
  • Fixed the behavior of moving BloX on the dashboard layout

24 February 2020

  • Fixed console errors on Linux during widget creation
  • Fixed BloX is delaying dashboard loading

23 August 2019:

  • Fixed scroll in the snippets list

30 August 2019:

  • Fixed the option for hiding the widget title

18 September 2019:

  • Fixed the issue with overriding window property ‘URL’ in IE11

20 November 2019:

  • Fixed installation issues on Sisense V8.1