Agency Client Reporting Tool

If you are with an online marketing agency, you know how much time and effort you spend every week/month generating client reports. Every time, for every client, you need to:

You’ve no doubt tried various tools which you hoped would streamline the process, but which proved limiting and difficult. You may have invested substantial resources trying to automate various steps of the process, but custom development is time-consuming and frustrating. You know there’s got to be a better way!

Generate SEO/SEM Client Reports with a Single Click!

Sisense makes it incredibly easy to create rich custom reports and dashboards, based on data combined from numerous sources with our report generator. A single Sisense data repository can hold vast amounts of data and is well-suited to import, combine and standardize the relevant data for all clients at once. For the front end, Sisense's drag-and-drop visual report builder makes it fast and easy to create and customize rich, graphical reports and dashboards which connect to the data repository. Simply selecting a client’s name from a list results in the automatic generation of multiple pages of reports or interactive dashboards for that client. You can then export reports to HTML or PDF, or you can provide clients with Web-based access to the reports and dashboards.

At the back end, Sisense offers a uniquely powerful central data repository which can import, transform, merge and mash-up data sources. All data from files, ODBC database connections and cloud sources are combined into a single ElastiCube data repository. Responses from live operational databases and OLAP cubes can also be included. Sisense’s unified analytics engine allows you to work with data in a multi-dimensional data model. Multi-source data abstraction automatically presents all data in a unified and intuitive model, regardless of source or format.There is no need for pre-aggregations, pre-calculations or cubes, so queries and reports can be run immediately after updating/adding data.

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