People Analytics

Build a more effective, engaged and empowered workforce with people analytics.

Build an Effective Workforce that Adds Value to Your Organization

Get Better Insights Across Systems

Correlate employee data from any platform to identify trends and model predictions for better decision making.

Navigate in Times of Uncertainty

Gain visibility into your workforce to make fast and effective decisions when internal or external factors impact your business.

Calculate Levers of Cost More Effectively

Use people analytics and data to manage people related costs such as cost per employee, healthcare and severance pay, and employee retirement funding.

Turn Employee Dissatisfaction Into Action

Understand the causes of employee attrition and where they are occurring to address turnover and create retention programs.

Attract and Retain the Best Talent

Identify who to hire and favorable locations, create competitive compensation packages, and recognize the skills needed for business growth.

Transform the Employee Experience

Find areas where employees are engaged in company training and activities,  to offset employee attrition.

Measure Internal and External Workforces

Manage internal and external workforces in one place to identify gaps and trends or track access controls and onboarding.

Secure Personal and Confidential Information

Properly safeguard all employee data by controlling which information is accessible to whom, down to a granular level.

Human Resources Analytics: Empowering Humans to Build Better Companies

Building a company has never been easy. Every venture is an attempt by those who constitute it, to create the world and the future in which they wish to live. In our modern, data-driven world, no company can hope to compete in any venue without the aid of analytics.

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See How These Customers are Using HR Analytics

AJ Francia, Data Scientist at Pared

AJ Francia

Data Scientist

Consolidating all those data sources together, including our backend, app analytics, and third-party data, is a really powerful way for us to see our data from a more holistic point of view.

Mandy Schaniel Ziprecruiter

Mandy Schaniel

VP of Key Accounts

Not only has it (Sisense) taken commission processing down from 4-5 hours per quarter to about 45 minutes, but my team now has access to near real-time data to better manage their accounts. That’s incredibly valuable.

Joe Brislin Interfolio headshot

Joe Brislin

Principle Architect

As our internal stakeholders become more familiar with all of the data they have access to, rather than building dashboards for them, we’ve started giving power users the ability to design their own.

Brent Allen

Director of Infrastructure and WebOps

We say ‘Sisense it’ now when someone wants the answer to a question.

Hamza Jap-Tjong

CEO and Co-Founder

Within the first six weeks of embedding Sisense, we landed 23 new customers, 7 customers were trialing, and 3 demos were planned.

Turn People Analytics into Business Results

Sisense people analytics brings you complete visibility into the employee lifecycle by analyzing recruitment, employee performance, training, development, and retention. Use the metrics below with up-to-date HR data for all your HR analytics.

  • Workforce Planning - Use advanced analytics to predict workforce and capacity planning that meets business goals
  • Talent Acquisition, Management, and Learning - increase the ability to attract and hire top talent in a competitive market
  • Performance Management - understand all factors that impact performance
  • Learning and Development - analyze the effectiveness of employee development initiatives
  • Employee Experience and Wellbeing - identify causes of employee attrition and address friction
  • Diversity and Inclusion - see where you stand in championing inclusiveness
  • Compensation and Benefits - learn the cost of employees including healthcare, severance, and retirement packages. 

HR Analytics Dashboards:
The Key to Higher-Performing Organizations

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How Can We Make Our Hiring Process More Efficient?

How Can We see if the Salary We Offer is Fair and Competitive?

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