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How HR Analytics Drives Business Growth

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Data-Driven Businesses

Only 40% of senior leaders use HR data to make business decisions according to Gartner. Successful companies know that when investing in HR analytics, they can build a more effective, empowered, and engaged workforce that will add value to the organization and impact business outcomes. 

In this webinar, we explore how HR analytics can help business leaders gain better visibility into their biggest asset, their employees, in order to create business impact. We will provide examples of how you can better correlate employee data with operational performance to drive business growth.

Join Sisense and Buck to learn about the power of HR analytics.

What you will learn: 

  • How to better predict and plan workforce management for disruptions such as COVID-19
  • Negotiate benefit offerings and optimize employee costs as part of your overall spend
  • Maintain diversity and inclusion in your overall workforce

Featured Speakers

Mike Mcquarrie

Digital Practices Leader


Karim Kurji

Global Analytics Strategy Leader


Sharron Malaver

Head of Enterprise Marketing


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