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Understand Your Business. Understand Your Customers.

Big data is changing the retail industry. Sisense gives retailers across the world access to the most powerful
and easy to use business intelligence, allowing them to analyze heaps of complex data at speed.

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Gain Cross-Functional Visibility into Business Operations

Your retail business generates data, but are you getting any real insights from it? It’s time to move away from endless spreadsheets and static reports, and embrace the new age of interactive data analytics. Analyze and visualize all your data in one place to understand each individual aspect of your business and how they all work together.

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Retail Analytics

Boosting operational efficiency with BI dashboards

Boost Efficiency in Supply Chain, Inventory, Marketing and Sales

With Sisense, you have the power to crunch complex data at your fingertips without scripting or coding. Business users can crunch the numbers to discover redundancies and identify winning strategies on the product, store or brand level. Reduce Costs and maximize profitability, get the information that matters on time, and act on it to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Identify Changing Consumer Trends and Behavior

Analyzing a wide variety of disparate data sources can teach you exciting new things about how your customers react to incentives, promotions and external conditions (such as weather). Sisense lets you easily prepare, analyze and visualize big data to find patterns in purchasing behavior, attract more customers and maximize your margins.

Understanding consumer behavior with data
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Retail dashboard example

Seamless Self-Service Reporting and Data Analysis for Business Users

Sisense is built with the business user in mind: senior executives can track performance and build reports at any given time, using operational dashboards that can be accessed within their browsers or native mobile apps; business analysts can dig deeper by drilling into the most granular levels of the data – and it’s all achieved with minimal IT involvement or effort.

Retail Dashboard Example

You’re in Good Company

Hundreds of retail professionals are already using Sisense as their end-to-end analytics, reporting and data visualization software. We work with leading brands such as Target, eBay, Spring Mobile and many more, who leverage our cutting-edge data analytics solutions and industry leading customer service to simplify complex retail data and grow their business.

Case Studies

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