Augmented Analytics: the Future of Business Intelligence

Augmented Analytics The Future of Business Intelligence

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What Will You Learn?

  • Analytics and BI are changing
  • What is Augmented Analytics
  • Reevaluating BI
  • What’s Next for BI? Augmented Analytics

What's in This Whitepaper?

The world of data has become the world of Big Data. Datasets are becoming more and more complex and only augmented analytics, powered by AI, will be able to help users make sense of them. This paper runs through the history of analytics and BI from the IT-driven era through self-service solutions and outlines the future of augmented analytics.

Why Should You Read It?

The future belongs to Augmented Analytics. Natural language processing and generation, machine learning, and AI assistance will radically transform the entire analytics and BI process. Understanding what the new world of analytics will look like with this essential resource.

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The next wave of analytics will feel noticeably different with augmented analytics integrating AI elements into our analytics and BI.

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