Embedded Analytics Guide

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This guide includes:

  • Pros and cons to building vs. buying embedded analytics tools
  • Compare cost, features, scalability, and time to production of vendors
  • See how Sisense stacks up against other embedded analytics vendors
  • Get real-life use cases of embedded analytics

Why Should You Read It?

Many companies today are taking an embedded approach to analytics and delivering insights into the everyday workflow of their users through embedded analytics and business intelligence (BI).

You should read this guide if your company is convinced it needs analytics but is still on the fence about which approach to take, and you need to weigh-in on the pros and cons of building a BI solution versus buying an embeddable BI solution.

What Will You Learn?

Learn all about embedded analytics in this guide, including a general overview of embedded analytics, and the different approaches to embedding BI and analytics.

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"Sisense is being eagerly embraced. In fact, it’s going viral. Our demand analyzer is now built into Sisense and is deployed around the globe, running over 200 users. It performs so quickly, it’s getting used as an enterprise scale application." – James Davison, Senior Data Analyst at Celestica

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