Why Customers Choose Sisense Over Power BI

It’s a challenge to choose the right business intelligence and analytics solution for your company. Each platform offers different features and benefits, and every company has different characteristics, priorities, and requirements that need to be met by the most suitable solution.

To make an informed choice between Sisense vs Power BI, it’s important to consider the functionality and capabilities of the technology that each of them offer, their ease of use, adaptability, flexibility, and scalability.

Power BI is used primarily for decentralized analytics and centralized BI provisioning by power users, IT and developers.

Sisense is a big data analytics solution that enables business users to analyze and visualize large volumes of data, complex data sets and/or data that comes from disparate sources.

Find out about the differences between the two solutions and learn how to choose a vendor that fits your business needs and your business model.

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Power BI vs Sisense: BI Vendors’ Comparison. Find Out Why Businesses Like Yours Choose Sisense Over Power BI.

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