The Case for Embedding Analytics in
Your Product Sooner Rather Than Later

Timing is Everything: Embed Sooner Rather Than Later

Regardless of your industry, the customers of today want and expect that their products deliver one critical element on top of your product’s base functionality: they want their data!

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What Will You Learn?

  • Understanding analytics as the differentiator between good products and great products
  • Why embedding early feels scary—and why it shouldn’t
  • Toppling the old paradigm on when to invest in analytics
  • The benefits of embedding early at each stage of the product development journey

What's in This Whitepaper?

This whitepaper provides you with a roadmap to embedding analytics at one of 3 early stages in the product development journey—the development stage, the beta-testing stage, and the early customer-base stage.

Why Should You Read It?

To maximize customer satisfaction, increase revenue, compete with the giants, and streamline reporting distribution for the sake of sanity, more and more product providers are choosing to embed analytics in their product at the earliest stages of development. Read on to make sure your product stands out—by embedding analytics from the start.

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Modern, data-savvy customers no longer view data (and the decisions it can fuel) as an added perk. They want products with analytics insights out of the box.

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