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Smarter Analysis

Sisense analysis charts

Sisense Narratives

Access an easy to understand textual summary of analytics with an automatic smart description of widget data, configurable according to your preferences.

  • Add automatically generated text to popular widgets
  • Easily communicate your analytics and draw attention to the important conclusions
  • Control the presentation of text to fit your unique preferences

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Easier Platform Management

Plugin Management

Easily manage platform extensions that achieve your desired look, feel and functionality through a centralized management console.

  • Manage your plug-ins from a dedicated page in the Sisense Web Application
  • Inventory all platform plug-ins, including a custom visualizations and added features
  • Control which plug-ins are enabled or disabled

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platform management dashboard
Sisense monitor

Sisense Monitor

Gain visibility into how the solution is operating and utilizing machine resources to improve performance, efficiency and uptime.

  • Access a new cloud service to monitor system information
  • Monitor metrics about resource utilization such as CPU, memory and disk space
  • Oversee Sisense performance metrics such as cube build times, dashboard query times, and more

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Enhanced Mobile Experience

New Mobile Drilling and UX Improvements

Enable a more data-driven mobile workforce with enhanced data exploration, new drilling capability, and more seamless user experience.

  • New native support for drilling through data in visualizations
  • Interact with data using gestures, including zoom in, out and selecting areas of focus
  • New support of Single Sign On
Sisense Mobile charts

Export & Performance Enhancements

Sisense Export Enhancements

Export Enhancements

Easily work with data from Sisense and present more customized reports with new export functionality for Pivot Tables. Export Pivot Tables to Excel to explore underlying data or for importing into another application. Share Pivot Tables as part of PDF reports with more configuration options.

  • Export pivot tables to Excel while maintaing your pivot’s layout and stucture
  • Export nito customizable, multi-page PDF reports
  • Leverage the new PDF previewer to achieve a desired look and feel

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Performance Enhancements

Gain better query performance and more scalability with new enhancements to Sisense’s In-Chip data engine that provide up to 10x performance improvements under high-load & memory intensive circumstances.

  • Increase query response with larger scale data sets across more users
  • New memory efficient mechanisms
  • Improved Garbage Collection and Query Recycling
Sisense Performance Enhancements

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