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Imagine the impossible. Deliver the improbable.
Sisense Labs is creating solutions for how people will consume data in the next five years. This is where innovation happens.

Sisense Labs

We dare to dream about how the latest cutting-edge technology can be turned into new opportunities – to provide impactful data-driven insights for everyone!

Sisense Boto

Chat with your data, intelligently

Sisense Bulb

Know when to take real-time action with changing colors

Amazon Echo

Converse with your data through Alexa

Sisense BloX

Build business apps with the power of Sisense

Insight Miner

Uncover hidden insights with the power of machine learning


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Sisense Hunch™

Radical New Data Cognition Engine for Big Data Analytics


Everything is moving at lightning speed these days for businesses and the technology we use.

Here at the Sisense Labs, we thrive on this challenge!

We explore everything from new modes of interaction to augmented intelligence and machine learning. We work with companies like yours to understand how these new technologies can be best leveraged to create solutions that drive real business value.

Connect with Sisense Labs, and you will have insight and input into how we convert far-out ideas into valuable, real-world solutions.

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Note: Sisense Labs is seperate from Sisense R&D product development. Solutions created in Sisense Labs are intended to be tested in staging environments only. These solutions are not intended for production environments.