Healthcare Analytics
with Sisense BI Software

Sisense gives hospitals and other healthcare organizations a powerful, end-to-end business analytics solution to prepare, analyze and visualize complex data.

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Healthcare BI

Simplifying Business Analytics for Healthcare

Sisense makes it simple to explore big, unstructured healthcare data from multiple sources. Now you can centralize all your datasets in a unified data model, monitor KPIs, perform in-depth analysis and implement data-driven strategies – all using an easy, intuitive tool

Improve Care, Monitor Performance,
Reduce Costs

Provide better service to patients or clients by closely monitoring multiple metrics and KPIs, with medical, financial and administrative data that’s always on time and accurate. Create automatically updated dashboards that give you a 360° view of your business, or drill-down into the most granular details to track individual performance. Identify cost factors to boost operational efficiency with highly effective healthcare business intelligence.

Product overview

Healthcare Dashboard

In Chip Data Processing Engine

Single-Stack™ Solution for Complex Data Analytics without IT

Sisense is a complete healthcare analytics solution with everything you need to crunch complex datasets: strong ETL and data modeling capabilities, advanced analytics and statistics, and an intuitive UI for creating dashboards, reports and visualizations. Our unique technology enables Sisense to rapidly process both big and disparate datasets without clusters, data warehouses, or intensive IT efforts.

Why Sisense

Integrate Many Disparate Systems: ERP, HMS, Billing and More

Healthcare data comes in many sizes, shapes and forms. Sisense is the perfect tool to combine many structured and unstructured data sources and create a centralized data repository and single-source of truth across the organization. And since the Sisense data engine can join tables on the fly, the data preparation effort is dramatically reduced.

Integrating Multiple Data Sources with Sisense
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Trusted by Leading Healthcare Providers

Sisense has a proven track-record of empowering industry-leading companies and healthcare organizations in the United States, Australia, Europe and Asia. We are dedicated to fast, successful BI deployment and development, and are willing to prove it by providing a free proof-of-concept on your data – in just 90 minutes.

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Your Data is Safe With Us

Sisense business intelligence software can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud, and enables administrators to set granular permissions on user, database and row level to ensure data stays in the right hands. Keep sensitive information safe by using custom tables for data cleansing and transformation, without altering your production data.

Data Security


Streamline Regulatory and Operational Reporting

Generate compliance or other reports instantly based on the most up-to-date and consistent data. Create and share interactive BI dashboards across the organization to keep management, physicians and staff informed. Track KPIs to constantly improve both business and medical processes.

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