Deliver Accurate Data with BI for Finance. Avoid surprises with financial data analytics and a single source of truth that has a 360-degree view. Discover BI for finances and start to focus on value-added activities that drive business performance.

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Sisense is data analytics software that helps financial managers spend less time collecting financial and operational data and more time modeling scenarios and forecasting results. Financial business intelligence gives a 360-degree view of the entire business so executives can understand the numbers from every customer, product, and process on a daily basis and make major strategic decisions with confidence.

Start analyzing large volumes of data with financial analytics to answer game-changing questions like:

How Effective is our Business at Generating Profit on our Revenue?
Which Products
or Services Have Room
to Grow?
What Was our Profit or Loss Over the Last Financial Year and How it Arose?

What’s the Secret Sauce?

For most non-technical decision makers, how Sisense works isn’t as important as how well it works. But for IT decision makers, we know you’ll want to know more about our In-Chip® Engine and Single-Stack® Architecture to understand why Sisense is one of the most innovative data analytics solutions available today.

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