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The only business intelligence software that lets you easily
prepare and analyze both big and disparate datasets.

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Sisense’s In-Chip™ Analytics enhanced by 6th Generation Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor to make business intelligence accessible to business users

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Many Big & Disparate Datasets.
One Powerful BI Software.

Sisense lets you analyze complex data with complete agility. From easy data preparation to beautiful dashboards and interactive analytics, Sisense gives your business a simple way to manage, analyze and visualize all your data.

Product Overview

Powerful BI Software

Evaluate Sisense Using Your Actual Data
Test Drive From Start to Finish in 90 Minutes

Sisense is the only BI software vendor that doesn’t use sample data. We offer a full proof of concept (POC) on your real data to fulfill an actual business need – all in 90 minutes.

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Here’s How We Do It

Instant Deployment

Instant Deployment

Our Single-Stack architecture takes you from data integration to visualization with a single BI solution, eliminating the need to use additional tools.

No Data Preparation Nightmare

No Data Preparation Nightmare

The Sisense innovative In-Chip engine lets you ask any question and get immediate answers without going back to the drawing board for each new query.

Why Sisense

Forbes - Analyze Large Amounts of Data

Embedded Analytics with Complete Extensibility

Enhance your own applications with powerful analytics and customer-facing dashboards using our award-winning technology, extensive SDK and easy API access.

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Embedded Analytics for OEMs

Just ask the world’s leading companies…

Sisense Customers

“If you’ve been wrestling with the size limitations of other tools, do yourself a favour and try Sisense, there’s nothing else on the market that crunches big data so easily.”

Groupon Director of Analytics, David Gerster
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How Sisense Simplifies Business Analytics for Complex Data

CEO Amir Orad describes the technology that makes complex data analytics dead simple. Watch Video