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Everyday Analytics: Data-Driven Life at Home and Work

Terms like databases, analytics, and statistics are ones that most of us associate exclusively with the professional world. But even though we aren’t usually aware of this, data analysis isn’t something that’s only meant for data scientists. In reality, most of us exploit the ability to analyze, search, find patterns and make predictions a […]

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Does the Future Lie with Embedded BI?

At the onset of 2015 it seems that Business Intelligence software has become a nearly consensual part of any data-driven organization. Today companies large and small are realizing, more than ever, that “data is power”, and that harnessing this power requires the right tools for the job.

But in the near future we might see […]

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Sisense Named a Top BI Platform for 2014

It’s certainly been a great year here at Sisense. To name just a few of the past year’s highlights: we’ve made the list of the 10 coolest New York enterprise startups, were selected by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor in Analytics” (our coolness, it seems, is in general agreement), raised some nifty investment money […]

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Buyers Beware: Data Visualization is Not Data Analytics

The term Business Intelligence solution can be a deceiving one. Many software solutions that call themselves BI can actually only offer you half of what you need.

Here it’s important to make the distinction between two types of business analysis and intelligence tools: end-to-end solutions and ones that are merely front-end. An end-to-end solution is […]

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Why You Should Stop Running the Analytics Marathon

It is well known that one of the toughest parts of running a marathon is the mental toll that the seemingly never-ending race takes on runners. Okay, so we can’t compete with the physical fatigue that a marathon entails, but sometimes deploying a business analytics software and even running a query can feel psychologically […]

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The Internet of Things, Big Data, and Business Analytics

You’ve probably seen the trending discussions around the Internet of Things (IoT), starting to pop up everywhere from tech magazines to Tumblr. You’ve also probably had to look it up, and thought, wow this is some Nineteen Eighty Four stuff. But you also may have realized that there is huge potential in the trend […]

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Quick Guide to Database Technologies

This is an abbreviated version of our new guide, Innovation in Business Intelligence Database Technologies. Download the full guide
Database technology has seen rapid developments in the past two decades. Online Analytical Processing (OLAP), which gained prominence in the 1990s, gradually lost altitude in favor of in-memory databases at the start of the 21st century.

However, […]

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Putting an End to “I’ll Get Back to You” Analytics

Imagine this scenario: You’re at an important meeting discussing next quarter’s upcoming sales strategy. One of the team members is presenting your company’s performance in the previous quarter, and tells you that telemarketing was on average 20% more effective than web sales in Germany, France and Italy. Intrigued, you want to learn more and […]

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Leveraging the CPU Cache and Columnar Storage for High Speed BI

Watch co-founder and CTO Eldad Farkash explain some of the ingredients in Sisense’s Secret Sauce – the groundbreaking technology that allows Sisense BI Software to achieve unparalleled performance on commodity hardware (e.g. crunching 10 terabytes of data in 10 seconds on a single server node).

Eldad’s lecture covers 3 of the main bottlenecks currently impeding the […]

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Zombies and Calories: Halloween 2014 Stats

Halloween is upon us!

Nearly 221 million Americans are expected to take part in Halloween related activities this year – more than ever before. We hope you’ve got your costumes ready and your pumpkins carved.

Data lovers that we are, we’ve collected some fun Halloween stats to get you in the holiday spirit. You can view […]

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