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In Sisense 5.7.5, User Experience is King

Sisense has always been an innovation-driven company, We’ve focused on developing groundbreaking business intelligence technology that delivers unique value to our customers, allowing them to realize the full potential of their data. But as the adage goes, “as far as the customer is concerned, the interface is the product.” That’s why our latest release, […]

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April Fools: Reverse Analytics™ — Answering Your Questions Before You Ask Them

In today’s world, data analytics is all about speed. It’s not enough to get answers fast. It’s not even enough to get answers immediately: In the time it took you to ask the question, your competitors have probably already reached some game-changing insights that will leave you in the dust.

But not anymore: Sisense is […]

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Analysis Reveals Dramatic Rise in UK Tech Investments

Data has always played a crucial role when deciding on investments, trying to understand funding trends and emerging industries or products. Luckily, relevant data is readily available online — one of our favorite databases being Crunchbase, the most comprehensive source for startup activity. But how do you make sense of large datasets in order […]

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Six Questions You Need to Ask Before Building a Dashboard

Modern business intelligence software has laid the static PDF or Excel reports to rest, and now lets users interact with their data through dynamic BI dashboards. However, building the perfect dashboard can be tricky, especially with the multitude of visualization and design possibilities that are usually available. A dashboard that is not designed correctly […]

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Data Preparation: Checking Under the Hood of Analytics Software

Say you want to buy a car. You go to a dealership and the salesman points out an attractive looking vehicle. “This is a great car”, he says, “Just look at the finishing. The amazing leather seats. The shiny new layer of red coloring.” He’s very enthusiastic so you hum politely and say, “That’s […]

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Data Driven Marketing: A Real Life Use Case

All we hear in marketing these days is data data data. Yet it looks as if only about a third of global executives are using data and analysis as the primary method for making big decisions. The rest admit that most of their decision-making is based largely on gut instincts. As was written in […]

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Joining Multiple Sources 101: Inner and Outer Joins

Mashing up multiple data sources to generate a single source of truth is an integral part of data analysis. It allows you to compare and cross-reference records stored in different formats and locations, and to perform queries and calculations. This article will run you through some basic concepts in data analysis that you should […]

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Quick Fix: Choosing the Right Data Visualization

Visualizing data is not always straightforward, and oftentimes it’s actually quite difficult to decide how to best represent the information at hand. In fact, each type of graph or visualization out there has a very specific optimal use case, but keeping these all in your head is no small task. That’s why we’ve created […]

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6 Tips for Being an Awesome Data Scientist

In 2012, Harvard Business Review cited data scientist as the sexiest job of the 21st century. Just two months ago LinkedIn shared the “25 Hottest Skills that Got People Hired in 2014” – guess what type of workers possessed these skills? This attention has been followed with a slew of articles telling budding analysts […]

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First Time Analysis of Declassified Project Blue Book

All UFO Sightings Organized by Location and Time

For the first time you can explore thousands of UFO sightings collected by the United States government. More than 100,000 pages of declassified documents on the US Air Force’s internal UFO investigation, called Project Blue Book, have been uploaded to the Internet. We decided to analyze this […]

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