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9 Questions to Determine If a BI Solution Is Truly Self-Service

Today, businesses face a dual challenge as employees are required to perform non-routine tasks that involve accessing data they need for decision-making, yet want to do so without having to go to IT each time a new requirement or question arises. This has led to a rift between businesses’ need to respond quickly to […]

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How to Write a Viral LinkedIn Post

I still remember when I got an email from LinkedIn with the subject line, “You’re invited to publish on LinkedIn”. Squinting in the early morning hours at my illuminated phone in my dark bedroom, I felt a wave of excitement as I envisioned LinkedIn selecting me as a part of a small, unique group […]

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Adapt to Changing Business Needs with Agile BI

With traditional waterfall approach, BI happens in a rigid sequence that forces users to give a complete set of requirements upfront, and requires IT to set up an exhaustive data model. While this approach may ensure you deliver a business intelligence solution, it never guarantees that business users will get what they actually need […]

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How EDA Uses Data to Generate Over 7 Figures in Revenue a Year

“We’re not a big data company, we’re a big insights company” says Sonny Rivera, the VP of IT at Equipment Data Associations (EDA), even as his company has found incredible success in collecting and analyzing large amounts of industry data to extract valuable market insights. Yet, EDA has just made the transition from being a […]

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How Much Data Will You Have in 3 Years?

If I told you all of our modern activities–posts to social media sites, transaction records, online activities, digital pictures and videos, and mobile GPS signals to name a few– leave a trail of data behind that is estimated to produce about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day, would you have a real feel […]

The Top LinkedIn Skills of CEOs

If you have your eyes set on running a company someday, you may wonder what skills you need to cultivate now, as well as the best age to make a run for the position. Well, we took information from LinkedIn profiles of close to 1 million CEOs in the United States, and built some pretty eye-opening […]

When to Buy, When to Sell? Behavioral Economics Behind Exchanging Dollars to Euros

Here’s a compelling question: Do we make rational or emotional investment decisions? You may consider yourself as someone who carefully considers every financial decision, but when it comes to selling and buying dollars and euros, we have found some behavioral trends that imply people often make trading decisions based on emotional factors such as: […]

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Many-to-Many Relationships

The Many Faces of Data Relationships
While having a many-to-many relationship may sound steamy to some of you, when it comes to the data in your tables it can get complicated. That is, unless you understand the different scenarios, their resolutions, and how to build a good relationship with your data. Just as a general […]

Apple Killing Nokia Foreshadows the Future of Tesla

Bringing a High-Tech Mentality to Old Industries
You may not know it yet, but the automotive market is about to be transformed right before your eyes in a very similar manner to the way the iPhone transformed the mobile industry. One might argue that cars today are better than they were 5-10 years ago, but […]

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Debunking the Cloud BI Myth

Separating Facts from Fiction
Many expect that choosing a cloud platform is the best way to get a BI tool with the maximum level of self-service. Here’s where the myth that Cloud BI equals self-service perpetuates. Unfortunately, this is not necessarily true since the basic nature of business analytics includes the constant need to add, […]

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