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Zombies and Calories: Halloween 2014 Stats

Halloween is upon us!

Nearly 221 million Americans are expected to take part in Halloween related activities this year – more than ever before. We hope you’ve got your costumes ready and your pumpkins carved.

Data lovers that we are, we’ve collected some fun Halloween stats to get you in the holiday spirit. You can view […]

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What You Didn’t Know About Jeff Bezos’s Gut Instincts

”For every leader in the company, not just for me, there are decisions that can be made by analysis.These are the best kinds of decisions!”
How often do you find yourself relying on your intuition to make important business decisions? Do you think managing is about having sharp instincts, the ‘magic touch’, or a knack […]

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Your 2015 Budget: How Much Should Business Intelligence Cost

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for a productive 2015–which for many businesses means confronting their big and scary data. In fact, “organizing scattered and large data sets” is one of the top business challenges that companies are desperate to resolve in the upcoming year.

Problem is: while […]

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When Business Intelligence Can’t Handle a Large Amount of Queries

So you’ve finally found a business intelligence tool that seems perfect for your needs: It’s agile, it can join multiple data sources, it’s simple and it runs reasonably fast. The vendor carries out a successful proof of concept and everything appears to be running smoothly. At this stage you’re convinced that you’ve found the […]

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Business Intelligence When Getting Answers Takes Too Long

Present-day business intelligence tools can produce some amazing insights into your company’s performance and enable you to identify key opportunities based on facts and numbers rather than personal intuition. But even when you know how to ask your software all the right questions, the answers you receive lose most or all of their practical […]

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New Sisense Brand: What You’re Saying Behind Our Back

There’s a candid street definition of ‘brand’ that I have always tried to keep in my thoughts as a marketing professional:  Your brand is what other people say about you behind your back.

This tongue-in-cheek statement proves to be fairly on target when it comes to branding because it rightfully implies that companies can’t fake […]

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Business Users Don’t Know What They Want When It Comes to BI

Do you agree with this statement: ‘Business Users Don’t Know What They Want When It Comes to BI’? Here’s why it may hold water; a typical starting point to a BI project is when business users give IT a set of data, questions and requirements. As the business people investigate and explore data, they […]

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The Revolution of the Non-Techies

Imagine a world where all you have to know are the questions you want to ask to your data. Sound like sci-fi? Well, as BI advances its technology, you should get ready for your reality to be debunked.  Yes, powerful BI solutions have made crunching big data sets a reality, but true data analytics for non-techies has only […]

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Shedding Light on All Your Data

Is Your BI Stuck Under a Streetlight?
A man stands under a streetlight searching for something.
A passerby walks over and asks him, “What are you doing?”

The man replies, “I dropped my wallet and I cannot find it.”

“Do you think that it’s around here?” the passerby inquires.

“No.” the man answers.

“So why are you looking […]

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Business Intelligence When You Don’t Know How to Code

When the UI functionality of a BI tool does not allow users to formulate queries without knowing a programming language, business users lose their ability to independently analyze data and perform BI. In fact, if generating queries requires the technical knowledge of a coding language like SQL, which many business users do not have, […]

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