Winning the Hearts of Business Users

Hundreds of leading companies, from start-ups to enterprises, across 49 countries use SiSense to turn their data into insights. SiSense enables these business users to easily join, analyze, and visualize large data sets from multiple sources— all without depending on IT.

WIXCase Study



Wix grew from a small start-up to a formidable company with millions of users, thousands of Website templates, and fee-based premium packages. Interpreting user data correctly was an integral part of the plan to remain competitive, and the team at Wix identified a set of key metrics they would need to target:

  • First, an analytics solution would have to provide insight based on behavioral data from numerous sources
  • Differentiating between free and paid users and charting their activity across the site
  • Reacting quickly to changes was also crucial, so the team had to be able to generate reports in a flash to track the success of marketing campaigns or changes in product user behavior
  • Finally, because market success depended on a team effort, Wix wanted to find a tool that non-IT employees and management professionals could use for ongoing operational analysis

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TrupanionCase Study


Service: Pet Medical Insurance
Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, USA
Company Size: 300+


  • Ability to track real-time performance of multiple departments
  • Customer segmentation to optimize marketing opportunities, accurate pricing, and customer retention
  • Utilize data to build out accurate financial reporting and forecasting


  • Accurate and reliable data management
  • Quick, light and scalable deployment
  • Non-technical, user-friendly platform serving diverse user needs
  • Responsive support from sales & support teams

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G.O.A.LCase Study

Goal Academy

GOAL Academy


  • Replace Microsoft Excel with a better online platform
  • Align staff with KPIs
  • Utilize data more efficiently to help staff keep students on track
  • Provide web-accessibility to data, reports and dashboards

Why SiSense?

  • Extremely simple and straightforward demo setup
  • Ability to merge data from various platform types
  • Dynamic and flexible web-based tool
  • Quick, friendly and consistent interaction with sales and support

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MagellanCase Study



Because Magellan Vacations clients speak to agents by phone, the company needs to track typical sales metrics, like closing rates, commissions, and bookings by destination.

Magellan needed a solution that had 3 main requirements:

  • Real-time feedback for agents on sales closings, destination performance, and other metrics that would help them better serve customers.
  • A dashboard and report-building mechanism simple enough for non-technical users to be able to create their own reports and drill down into data.
  • Agile and scalable dashboards that don't require major infrastructure upgrades, and won't slow existing infrastructure as reports are generated.

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PaylogicCase Study



Paylogic considers itself a next-generation technological company, and its organizational structure and operations are highly automated.

Instead of employing a standard monolithic ERP system (e.g., SAP), Paylogic has built its IT infrastructure using corporate-environment open-source standards.

Automation is approached from a decentralized perspective based on this open-source IT backbone. In other words, the company uses different software packages for different functions and ties them together to form an enterprise collaboration platform.

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AlpharoomsCase Study



Lee is now using Prism to deliver interactive reports and dashboards across’s various functional units. He is running a number of Elasticube datastores, currently handling about tens of millions of rows, on one standard Windows 7 machine with 8GB of RAM. uses Prism to analyse bookings activity from a number of different angles. “One of the most valuable ways we’re using Prism is to discover opportunities for directly approaching hotels for which we have enough bookings – so that we can avoid the extra cost of going through wholesalers,” Lee explains. “We now have efficient reporting around each type of booking (hotel, flight, car, etc.) in a very easy, fast, do-it-yourself environment.”

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Act-on SoftwareCase Study


Act-On Utilizes Over a Dozen Apps with “One-Truth” SiSense BI

“Results were immediate and ROI opportunity was visible as early as the demo phase. SiSense’s extremely agile environment allowed us to keep up with company growth, change and focus.”

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WeFiCase Study



WeFi's database team had been manually running SQL queries, but they struggled to generate the reports that gave the management team crucial feedback.

WeFi needed to perform advanced analysis on large amounts of data in 3 categories:

1. The behavior of millions of WeFi users, including retention activity and data acquisition activity: 13 tables in one model, with average table size of more than 5 million rows.

2. The performance and activity of wireless networks to which its users are connected, with the average table holding more than 70 million rows.

3. The activity records of clients with the average table size exceeding 500 million rows.

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One Hour TranslationCase Study



OHT was looking for a way to easily track and analyze key business metrics, such as revenue channels and customer segments, and to generate detailed operational performance reports.

Since the company’s operational data consists of about 20M records in a 100GB MySQL database, the solution had to easily integrate with MySQL and quickly process large amounts of data.

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ProMarket required timely and accurate reporting and analysis of key metrics such as sales, inventory profit by product category,spoilage, optimal order quantities for each store and many more.

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Our organization collects a large volume of information from different sources, including human resources, financial ERP, operational software at restaurants, printing operational data and specific software systems which contain data related to persons with disabilities. Our primary business need was to increase the efficiency of our management capabilities by deploying a platform for managerial reporting and data queries which linked all of our data in a single system.

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Online Commerce Group



As the company grew, Online Commerce Group’s data become so large that, without a new generation Big Data Analytics solution, management couldn't receive quality reports.

The fast growth of the company meant that Data Manager Paul Auen was unable to run reports with large enough data sets to provide any real value to the business end.

“Originally, we could do reports manually, but as the data sets got larger, the reports took longer and impacted the transactional database,” Auen recalled. “We were constrained between keeping the servers running or making it available for reports.”

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Plastic Jungle



Plastic Jungle’s business success is predicated by its ability to move faster than the competition. When the company brought in a new CFO in 2012, he aimed to deploy a data solution that would match the company culture.

Speed, accuracy and agility were the key tenants for the company data approach.

“We wanted to make sure we didn't paint ourselves into corner by taking a traditional approach to data warehousing.”

That meant a solution that could grow to massive amounts of data, and allow regular business users to work with data quickly without requiring a huge investment that would leave them beholden to the product.

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University of the Balearic Islands



The organization has financial analysis needs in order to track KPIs in numerous operational areas.
The six-person management team needed a solid information reporting and dashboarding system.

Why did FuGUIB select SiSense?

  • Easy to use and set up
  • Easy to combine data from several different sources
  • Very good price-quality ratio
  • Prism was recommended to FuGUIB by an Spanish IT firm

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