Business Users, It’s Time to Run Your World

Forbes calls us “disruptive”, we just say we’re revolutionary. Like the Robin Hood of the BI world, Sisense brings data justice to everyone so it’s not just companies with deep pockets and endless resources that have the joy of understanding their data and making informed decisions. You can’t compare us with other BI tools simply because we do BI entirely different: we put data in the hands of everyone.

Using unique technology, we can provide a complete analytics solution in one product that’s made for business users and as affordable as humanly possible. Sisense liberates data, empowers business users and frees IT by making it easy to do the difficult tasks of accessing, joining and visualizing data.

Hundreds of businesses, from Fortune 500 companies to innovative start-ups, are using Sisense to tame data and uncover insights. The Wall Street Journal finds that Sisense is “creating a stir in the world of BI,” and other world-renowned news agencies describe us as a “David in a sea of Goliaths,” and a “nasty shock” to the big BI boys.


Sisense is an award-winning, full-stack Business Intelligence and Analytics software that’s leading the way into a new era of BI. Our software is creating quite a buzz for its powerful technology as Sisense is the only fully-functional Business Intelligence tool that lets non-techies join multiple large data sets, build smart dashboards with great data visualizations, and share with thousands of users.

Our secret sauce is the incredible technology behind Sisense that’s designed to be used by business users, without dependence on coding, IT or data scientists. Sisense provides a centralized database on standard hardware, and serves more queries, more users, and more data than any other BI tool on the market.


  • All the Tools You Need
    Sisense includes the front-end and the back-end, so you have all the tools you need to access, join, and consolidate data sources of any size, along with powerful data visualization and dashboard and BI reporting tools.
  • Built for Business Users, Not Data Analysts
    Within a few days you and your team will be able to use Sisense to take scattered data and build brilliant dashboards. Unlike other BI vendors, Sisense is a complete, full-stack BI solution and no additional or third-party software is required.
  • Short Implementation Time
    We have designed Sisense as an out-of-the-box software, with no lengthy customization or data warehouse projects. Deploy any BI project even before your free trial ends.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
    Sisense technology is built to work on standard, off-the-shelf hardware. Even in complex scenarios involving multiple users or huge data sets, the hardware you already have is good enough and you’ll never need to invest in special developers.
  • Grows with Your Business
    We built Sisense to handle any size of data, thousands of users, and an unlimited amount of queries, reports, and dashboards–so it can grow with your needs and make new business requirements simple to implement.