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Small internal deployment that
won’t grow beyond 10 people

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Standard Support Plan

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Internal deployment for
up to 50 different people

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Premium Support Plan

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Internal deployment for
at least 50 different people

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VIP Support Plan

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Looking for a developer plan?

Embed and distribute SiSense with our Developer Plan:

  • Integrate and deploy as part of another web application or SaaS
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  • Deployment licensing

  • Upgrade plan mid-contract
  • SDK & APIs
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Pricing FAQ’s

Is training included?

Yes, for you and your entire team. We believe that everyone should have access to free training, and it’s easy for us since SiSense has such a low learning curve. After our online training we guarantee you and your team will have the ability to join data sources, build dashboards, manage security and work comfortably with SiSense.

Can I upgrade plans at any time?

Yes, you can upgrade plans whenever you need. SiSense is completely scalable and we can work with as much data as you have (gigabytes to terabytes), and as many users as you want. Changes are implemented very quickly without ever having to start from scratch.

How long will implementation take?

SiSense is an out-of-the-box software that provides the fastest time-to-production in the entire BI market. Non-technical people in any organization can easily deploy a business intelligence project with SiSense in a few days — all while running on standard hardware. You’ll create your first dashboard well before your free 14-day trial comes to an end.

What’s the cost of maintenance?

There is zero added maintenance cost. Because non-technical users can set up SiSense on standard hardware, they can also maintain it that way. SiSense has a very short learning curve, and after training you’ll be comfortably self-reliant. That means no expensive professional services projects and no extra support plans.

How do you define a “user”?

A user is anyone who needs individual access to your dashboards–as in someone who creates dashboards and/or views dashboards.

What does SiSense actually include?

We provide you with an end-to-end business intelligence software that has all the tools you need to access, join, and analyze multiple data sources of any size, along with powerful data analytics, visualization and reporting tools, mobile access, and sharing capabilities. SiSense is unique in that we are a fully functional business intelligence and dashboard software that includes both a back-end, which is the underlying technology that gives users the ability to easily manage data, and a front-end, the data visualization tools.

What are the hardware costs?

SiSense is designed to work on ordinary, single node off-the-shelf hardware. Even in complex scenarios involving many users or analyzing gigabytes to terabytes of data sets, the hardware you already have will probably be just fine. In addition, SiSense is meant to be used by business users, and you will not be required to employ dedicated (and expensive) BI developers or take up a lot of time from your IT department.

How does billing work?

We price SiSense annually. Pricing depends on the amount of users and the amount of data your organization needs.

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    “SiSense Is Creating a Stir in the World of BI.”

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    “Makes analytics dead simple!”

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