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Sisense is a self-service analytics and reporting tool that lets
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A Holistic Reporting, Analytics & Business Intelligence Tool

Sisense provides a fully functional BI reporting tool that delivers everything you need to create and understand reports quickly and easily, with minimal IT involvement:

  • Codeless reporting – Non-technical users can easily create new reports using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, with no coding or assistance from IT
  • Rich, interactive display – Wide variety of tables, charts, graphs and other visual BI tools can be configured and linked to source data to generate interactive data visualizations
  • Share reports via a web browser – Interactive reports can be quickly shared through a web browser or any mobile device. No installation of plug-ins required (even flash)
  • Unify disparate data sources – Use data from multiple sources in a single report, including data from Excel, text/CSV files, any database (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL), and Google platforms
  • Centralized data management – Maintain a single version of business data to ensure every person in the organization sees the same figures
  • Automatic and manual data refresh – Reports can be refreshed manually or automatically at pre-defined intervals
  • Fast query response – Query response is in seconds, even when dealing with huge amounts of data or working off commodity hardware

Easily combine multiple data sources into one report

With easy to use drag-and-drop capabilities, even non-technical users can use Sisense Business Intelligence Software to join all their data sources into a single repository, and build insightful reports with beautiful visualizations. No scripting, no expensive hardware, and little to no help from IT is required. Sisense provides built-in connectors so you can pull data from any Cloud or in-house business application in just one click, including: Excel files, Google Adwords and Analytics, CRM information, Zendesk and Salesforce. All Sisense reports and dashboards feed from real-time data, allowing everyone in your organization to analyze the same numbers, rely on a single source of truth, and always access the freshest insights.

Crunch gigabytes to terabytes of data in seconds

Behind every report is Sisense technology that handles terabytes of data and support thousands of users–all on a single commodity server. By removing limitations of data size and speed imposed by in-memory and relational databases, Sisense enables any business to query and create reports using terabytes of data at record-breaking speed.

Build reports with a variety of beautiful visualization

Build HTML5 dashboards with beautiful data visualization

Sisense business intelligence tools provide a variety of HTML5 data visualizations to track KPIs, discover trends, draw comparisons. Use a variety of reporting components to build the most meaningful report possible with: charts, geographical maps, gauges, line charts to determine trends, scatter plots to see correlations, and pie charts for clearest comparisons. Drill down, filter and perform quick data analysis across the entire report in a click.

Share and analyze reports – even from your mobile

Web-based reports and dashboards means it’s easily develop reports with your colleagues for better decision making and true collaborative analysis. Sisense mobile BI reporting tool lets the whole team access, monitor, and interact with the same dashboard in real-time, or create a personal copy to investigate deeper– all without downloading any files. Check a BI dashboard on-the-go and receive up-to-date data in seconds with Sisense BI dashboard reporting that run on device, including all desktops, tablets and smartphones.

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Sisense Customers



Sisense bridges the gap between traditional, full-stack tools that are expensive and cumbersome, and more modern visualization tools that, while business friendly, lack the powerful technology on the back-end to crunch big data sets.

Alexander Taub, Forbes

Case Study: Fiverr Ditches Manual Reporting for Automatically-Updated Web Dashboards

With Sisense all my analysts can build reports and dashboards, change and join data sources, and get insights completely on their own… From the beginning we were data driven, but since Sisense, it’s in our DNA.

Slava Borodovsky, Sr. Director of Business Intelligence at Fiverr

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