Sisense is ideal for companies and departments in all industries that are looking for a powerful, flexible business intelligence system. Businesses today need a BI software to measure their industry-specific metrics and KPIs, and provide real-time, ask-any-question data analysis for department heads, SMB managers, and any business user to make the best decisions possible. See examples of how Sisense is used in different industries:

Across All Industries, and Every Department

Why Business Users Choose Sisense

  • Don’t need IT for data preparation, management or report/dashboard creation
  • Self-service creation and customization of analytics, queries, reports and dashboards
  • No programming, no scripting, no coding
  • Rich, interactive data visualization with one click drill-down
  • Fastest results from queries and newly added data sources of any size
  • Easily share web-based dashboards and reports
  • Full-stack – no additional or third party software required

Why Data Analysts Choose Sisense

  • Centralized data repository serves all users – no need for a traditional data warehouse
  • No need for OLAP cubes (but can query OLAP if available)
  • Zero programming required (SQL scripting available if desired)
  • Massive scalability on standard PC hardware configurations
  • Unique visual ETL easily transforms/standardizes data on load
  • Query against multiple of data files, cloud data sources and any ODBC-compliant database

Why Sisense

  • Zero Risk BI Evaluations
    BI evaluations with Sisense are fast and free, requiring no investment in IT projects, consultants or new hardware.
  • Build for Business Users, Not Data Analysts
    Within a few days you and your team be able to use Sisense to go from scattered data to brilliant dashboards. Unlike other BI vendors, Sisense is a full-stack BI solution and no additional or third-party software is required.
  • Fastest Performance
    Sisense’s unique technology hold a record-breaking speed of query results and report generation on large amounts of data, even for new ad-hoc queries.
  • Lowest Total Cost
    Sisense is built to work on off-the-shelf hardware like a standard PC. Even in complex scenarios involving multiple users or analyzing huge data sets, the hardware you already have is good enough and you won’t have to employ dedicated BI developers. No lengthy IT projects, no separate data warehouse, no OLAP.
  • Grows with Your Business
    We built Sisense to handle any size of data, thousands of users, and an unlimited amount of queries, reports, and dashboards–so it can grow with your needs and make new business requirements simple to implement.