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When application users ask for data, they don’t want static metrics and charts. They want data in a form that enables interactive exploration. For example, plant managers want to uncover contributing factors to their operating KPIs. The right visualization guides the data exploration and insight discovery of their manufacturing performance.


Insights drive action with confidence

When applications tell a clear data story users find answers and take action quickly. An education platform shows teachers facts like grades and attendance. They also provide advanced insights such as graduation readiness and risk of failing for individual students and across filterable segments. With insights available where decisions are made, educators can intervene early with specific resources and support.


Support your users’ data-driven decisions

Surface data and insights within operational workflows to help users make better, data-informed decisions. Retail buyers looking at data that can be segmented granularly are more capable of planning purchases than those with simple totals. What and how much to order is easier to decide confidently when sales trends, customer demographics, purchase drivers, and product-mix predictions are alongside the purchase order workflow.


Be proactive with predictions

Real-time monitoring provides instant access to the current state of operations, not stale summaries. Even better, be like logistics companies that use predictive insights to signal when KPIs, such as ship dates, are likely to shift negatively providing time to course correct. Alerts signal when an unexpected storm puts the driver and delivery at risk and needs immediate attention. Insights supply the root cause and solution options to quickly adapt.

Your product, our analytics

Data storytelling leads to clear decision-making
  • Deliver analytics insights in your next product cycle
  • Tell the data story in your brand & UX
  • Build natively in any cloud environment
Differentiated data products generate revenue
  • Levels of analytics separate price tiering options
  • Unique data and insight products are new revenue sources
  • Analytics add-ons provide opportunities for account growth
Tap into AI-powered insights with APIs and SDKs
  • Control analytics code with Git Integration and your CI/CD process
  • Integrate AI/ML across the entire data flow
  • Flexibility at scale supports data product execution

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