Our values

Every Sisenser embodies our five core values. If this sounds like the kind of people you want to be around, you’ve come to the right place!

Bias for Action

"Bias for action" is one of our key principles at Sisense, stressing the need for quick, decisive actions in business. It promotes acting on the best information at hand rather than waiting for full certainty, aiming to prevent "analysis paralysis" that can slow innovation. This approach encourages calculated risk-taking and learning from the results rather than impulsive decisions.


Our commitment extends beyond professional development to genuinely caring for our team members' well-being. Our culture is built on support and equity, and we advocate for excellence, ensuring it goes hand-in-hand with resilience, respect for personal boundaries, and self-care.


We align our strategy with a comprehensive understanding of our customers' unique challenges and goals, tailoring our technology to drive their innovations forward. Together, we transform ambitions into achievements through a symbiotic relationship, committed to continual learning and adapting to serve their evolving needs better.


Inclusivity means creating a welcoming, valued, and respectful environment, thus, enhancing organizational performance, innovation, and employee satisfaction. We ensure all voices are heard, actively encouraging open communication. This approach fosters a sense of connection, belonging, and collaboration for our collective success.


Embracing the "disruptor" mindset, we promote innovation and critical thinking as core elements of our culture. We're dedicated to continual learning, staying ahead of trends, and fostering a work environment where questioning and open communication are encouraged.

How we got started

Sisense is born

Sisense is founded in Israel with the idea that data analytics can be made fluent, easy, and fast through technical innovation.

Series A funding

Sisense raises $4 million in Series A financing to ramp up its presence in the U.S. and launches its first commercially available product.

New CEO & release of Sisense 6.0

Amir Orad joins as CEO; Sisense 6.0 is released, expanding the efficacy of Sisense’s business analytics solution for large, disparate data sets.

Sisense 7.0: Introducing machine learning

The first version of ECM 2.0—a browser-based data modeling—makes Sisense 100% browser-based from data to visualization.

Sisense invests heavily in Cloud

Sisense launches a new Linux-based micro-services architecture to become the modern cloud analytics leader, and simultaneously acquires a complementary SaaS provider named Periscope Data.

Sisense secures $100 million in funding

With clear indications of its unique strengths in the market, Sisense increases focus on embedded analytics and rebrands itself; Sisense announces funding round of over $100 million and more than $1 billion valuation.

Introducing Sisense Fusion

As the only modern cloud, embedded analytics platform in the market, Sisense unveils Sisense Fusion, an AI-driven analytics platform designed to infuse analytics everywhere.

Sisense Unveils Sisense Notebooks for advanced analysis using SQL & Python

As part of the Sisense Fusion Platform 2012.12 release, Notebooks enables data analysts to query data from any data source, visualize results in custom charts, and take augment analytics efforts using procedural code before visualization.

8 new patents

Sisense is granted a total of 8 new patents—more than in any prior year. To date, Sisense owns 18 patents.

Introducing Infusion Apps

Infusion Apps allows users to get the insights they need within the tools they already use to create seamless workflows. It empowers non-technical business users to access data without pre-configured dashboards.

Sisense adds native Git version control to Sisense Fusion

Sisense’s new module fully integrates with existing Git-based version control tools, supporting DevOps methodologies and making it easy for developers to build, test and release analytics-related changes.

Sisense announces CEO transition

With more than 25 years of experience in enterprise cloud products, former Chief Product & Technology officer, Ariel Katz, is promoted to CEO.

Sisense reaches new milestone in data privacy & protection

​​Ayala Michelson appointed as the new Chief Product Officer; Sisense achieves a noteworthy milestone in data privacy & protection by attaining ISO 27701 certification for PII processors.

“We're absolutely loving Compose SDK right now. Great work by the Sisense team and we're excited to see the project evolve.”
Eric Typaldos, Co-Founder and CTO


Our leadership

Sisense’s leadership team drives the business through a clear vision that aims to make a paradigm shift in the data and analytics industry. Each leader is a trailblazer, with proven talent and experiences growing diverse, innovative businesses. Together, they are an innovative force behind our company.
Ariel Katz

Chief Executive Officer

Ayala Michelson

Chief Products and Technology Officer and GM Israel

Brian Weinberger

SVP, Sales

Alyssa Shadinger

Chief Financial Officer

Vicki Nichamov

VP, People

Kelly McGuire

VP, Customer Care

Jessica Cohen

Chief of Staff

Priya Srinivasan

General Counsel

Dina Apostolou

SVP of Marketing

Our investors

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