Too many businesses look at Data Analytics solutions the same way we looked at our friends’ light-up sneakers in the schoolyard when we were kids. We didn’t really know why we’d need them, but they just seemed so cool. If we had our own we’d feel like we fit in and like the whole outfit was just coming together (hey, don’t judge us… we were only seven!).

But Business Intelligence isn’t some fad. The fact that you’re reading this means you’re savvy enough to get that you don’t go investing in some shiny new technology for the sake of it.

You need to see real results, you need to see them fast, and you need proof of concept before you let your pen creep anywhere near that dotted line.

… And believe us, we’re right there with you.

How Will Data Analytics Make Me Money?

Okay, in the past we’ve brought attention to some of the most high profile and impressive business intelligence use cases of recent years.

These range from the data analytics projects that helped Barack Obama win his historic first term in the White House, through to Juwai’s creative use of data visualizations to better understand the Chinese market and supercharge their PR initiatives.

That’s all well and good, we hear you say. But what specific, measurable things have YOU achieved for your customers?

We’re glad you asked.

We get it. You don’t want fancy-sounding but far-flung examples or theoretical smash hits. If you’re going to work with us, you want proof that WE know how to leverage the power of Big Data and Business Intelligence to propel your business forward, too.

And hey, perhaps we’ve been a little modest in the past about tooting our own horns here. So, without further ado, here are three data analytics use cases from our very own clients, using our very own Sisense technology, that brought about some pretty spectacular results.

The One that Doubled its Business Revenue

Yes, you read that right. Doubled.

Our customer, Orion, is a premier portfolio accounting service for financial advisers. Their tech offering is used by over 950 advisory firms, encompassing 1.5million accounts, and managing around $375 billion in assets.

With that kind of money at stake, Orion’s clients wanted monthly reports on the status of their assets that gave them sharp, up-to-date figures with plenty of granular detail and actionable insights.

Unfortunately, the system Orion was using couldn’t do that – reports took ages to produce, they were static and simplified, and by the time they went out, the situation had already moved on. Worse, whenever a client asked for a bespoke query or type analysis, this meant directing a ton of time and resources to sloooooowly tease out the answer.

In short, the system wasn’t working. And that’s why they called us.

Sisense whipped up an easy-to-use BI solution that allowed Orion to offer dynamic dashboards to all their clients. Without taking on any extra staff or having to overhaul their existing technology, Orion were able to give clients exactly what they wanted: an interactive alternative to static reports that let them drill down and get to grips with what the numbers really meant, running their own analyses and getting the answers they need, fast.

In no time at all, Orion saw a 98% adoption rate of the new system among its existing clients – and has nearly doubled its total business since it embarked on the project with Sisense. How’s that for some effective data analytics use cases?

The One that Optimizes Amazing New Features for Customers

FairFly is another of our awesome customers that provides a much-needed service. The idea is simple: they try to help their users beat the ups and downs of the volatile plane ticket market by keeping them up-to-date with the best possible airfares, as soon as they become available.

Trouble is, that’s easier said than done. When we got talking to them, FairFly’s databases were expanding exponentially, and they were doing all of their complex programming manually! It was clear they needed an effective Business Intelligence solution that would automate some of this tricky analysis and let non-technical business users find answers to their most pressing queries.

Now, FairFly is able to use Sisense dashboards to figure out where in the world their customers are, how many itineraries are being uploaded, and how much money they’re saving with the product.

Most importantly, they can get an instant snapshot of user behavior at any time. This immediacy means they see straight away what’s working and what’s not before they start losing customers.

In fact, they managed to avoid rolling out a potentially disastrous change to a feature by spotting in real time that it only benefitted customers in one location – and fixed the issue before conversion rates dropped!

The One that Drastically Enhanced Service (with a Fraction of the Resources)

We’re proud to say that we work with a huge range of fantastic customers, large and small – and that includes non-profit healthcare outfit Union General in Northern Georgia.

This organization was driven by a noble goal: to improve patient care and lower the risk of patients being unnecessarily readmitted to the hospital. Trouble was, they’re dealing with about 20 terabytes of data, mostly stored in relational databases and Excel files, concerning patient records and charts, as well as the operational analytics information they need to maintain operational efficiency.

When these guys came to us, they were trying to trawl through these mountains of data using an EMR system that just wasn’t up to the job. To give you an idea of how poor the reporting capability was, if a nurse wanted to figure out who was in which bed in a hospital, they had to open up a window inside the EMR and count the number of beds on the screen. Hardly high tech stuff, eh?

Union General had no idea what BI meant, but they knew exactly what their problem was: they needed a way to prepare data far more efficiently, on a tight budget, without any help from IT, so that they could better look after their patients.

And that’s exactly what Sisense was able to provide.

Using the Elasticubes and dynamic dashboards, Union General’s case management workers can now spot patterns fast. They can see the problems forming that increase a patient’s chance of readmission to hospital and they can tweak their procedures accordingly. They can figure out in five minutes what used to take at least a day of digging through numbers – and that means offering better quality care with a fraction of the resources.

… Which isn’t just a great example of a successful data analytics use case; it’s also precisely the kind of result that gets our team leaping out of bed and skipping into the office in the morning.

What Could Business Intelligence do for ME?

So, there you have it. Three amazing data analytics applications with pretty irrefutable ROI.

But these tales of revenue-boosting feats barely scratch the surface of what you can do with great Business Intelligence.

Applied in smart, savvy ways, embedded analytics case studies are shaking up all kinds of industries, helping businesses to escape the stranglehold of spreadsheets, bringing fast, actionable insights to all areas of the business, drawing together huge, scattered datasets for everyone from the biggest blue chip to the scrappiest SMB, and helping companies to add all kinds of value-boosting features to their products, which you, in turn, pass on to your clients.

Are you ready to find out how business intelligence and data analytics applications can become the new tech heroes of your enterprise? Click here to take a look at even more Sisense customer case studies.

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