Winning with Data: A COVID-19 Relief Package for Customers

Sisense is committed to empowering everyone who's fighting the COVID-19 crisis directly and those impacted by it across countless industries.


How Data Can Help You Manage Extreme Change

Learn how analytics can help summarize and predict how your company should evolve to survive in this challenging environment.

Sarah Prawl avatar image Sarah Prawl

How Product Teams are Creating the Workplace of the Future

The way we work is changing and product teams play a crucial role in building the tools and systems that will power tomorrow's workplaces.

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Digital Transformation | 5 min read

Why Analytics Are Essential in Times of Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis makes artful decision-making imperative. Now is the time to apply the full force of business intelligence to help navigate growing uncertainty.

Evan Castle avatar image Evan Castle

Effective Collaboration Through Dashboards When It Matters Most

Remote working presents challenges for teams collaborating at a distance. Dashboards can help facilitate seamless communication.

Adam Murray avatar image Adam Murray
5 Tips to Work Smarter Remotely
Digital Transformation | 7 min read

From a Data Expert: Five Tips to Master Remote Work

Coronavirus has changed the way we work. As cases of COVID-19 spring up worldwide, here are some tips for those new to working from home.

PeggySue Werthessen avatar image PeggySue Werthessen
enterprise transform to win _Blog_feature

Enterprise Data Integration: Better Data, Smarter Decisions

The first step towards making smarter decisions in bringing all your disparate datasets into an enterprise BI tool.

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak
Digital Transformation | 6 min read

Supercharging Your Digital Transformation with Embedded Analytics

Embedded analytics supercharge digital transformations and Product Teams play a critical role in making that happen.

Adam Murray avatar image Adam Murray
huanizing data indiana donor network featured
Digital Transformation | 5 min read

Humanizing Data: How Data Can Actually Save Lives

The Indiana Donor Network aims to use technology to modernize its business and leverages data in the form of demographics, locations, and all kinds of other elements to connect donors and much-needed organs and tissues, actually saving lives.

Brian Becker avatar image Brian Becker

How to Include BI in Your 2020 Budget

Businesses are masters at collecting data but are failing to invest in an analytics solution to derive value from it. Learn to build it into your budget in his article.

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak
AWS reinvent post 1 featured image

Winning the Future: Digital Transformation, the Cloud, and AWS

"Digital transformation" means empowering data-driven decision-making, monetizing data, and choosing a modern software architecture. Learn more in this article.

Guy Levy-Yurista, PhD avatar image Guy Levy-Yurista, PhD