Sisense’s Q2 Release: A Modern Data Experience Across the Analytics Continuum

Data-driven organizations require maximum flexibility when it comes to getting the most out of their data. Sisense’s Q2 release delivers just that.

Sisense News | 4 min read

Saying Goodbye to Some of Our People. Building a Stronger Tomorrow.

These are challenging times for our families, businesses, customers, and communities. The economy as a whole is extremely unsettled. We've had to make some tough decisions that impacted people that I care deeply about.

Amir Orad avatar image Amir Orad
Sisense Products | 4 min read

Sisense Q1 2020 Release: Enhance Business Outcomes with AI

Sisense continues to develop AI capabilities, empowering builders and business users to leverage data in new ways.

Julie Zuckerman avatar image Julie Zuckerman

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Sisense Products | 6 min read

Three New Tailored Sisense Packages Empower Builders of Analytics

We're doubling down on our commitment to empower builders with the tools and capabilities they need to drive transformative value from complex data and to deliver insights to everyone.

PeggySue Werthessen avatar image PeggySue Werthessen
hackathon 2020 featured image 2
Sisense Products | 5 min read

Sisense Hackathon 2020: Make Something Awesome With AWS

Sisense Hackathon 2020 continues our annual tradition of pushing the envelope for innovation, creativity, and collaboration, company-wide.

Jack Cieslak avatar image Jack Cieslak
Sisense Products | 3 min read

Periscope Data Is now Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Periscope Data is now Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. We're committed to empowering cloud data teams and celebrating the vital role they play in their organizations.

Amir Orad avatar image Amir Orad
Sisense Products | 4 min read

Answers to Common Questions About Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

Periscope Data is now Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, offering these vital experts enhanced tools for advanced data analysis.

Scott Castle avatar image Scott Castle
Sisense Products | 4 min read

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams: a Step Forward for Builders Everywhere

Periscope Data is now Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. Explore the story of our culture, values, and what we're building next!

Harry Glaser avatar image Harry Glaser
Build the Future of Data | 10 min read

Periscope Data Expands to Israel, Empowering Data Teams with Powerful Tools

Periscope Data has launched in Tel Aviv, Israel — the beating heart of the startup nation. Over 150 attendees from 100+ companies were on hand to learn and celebrate!

Adam Murray avatar image Adam Murray
Q4 2019 featured image
Sisense Products | 6 min read

Unleash the Power of Advanced Analytics with the Sisense Q4 2019 Release

There’s always something brewing here. Sisense News is your home for new Sisense features, add-ons, and everything else we...

Adam Blau avatar image Adam Blau