Custom Code with Sisense and AWS — Beyond re:Invent

Sisense's new Custom Code feature lets users of all skill levels get more out of their data.

Catch Up | 3 min read

Sisense Q1 2021 Release: Infuse Customized Intelligence at Scale

The Sisense Q1 2021 release is all about putting the right actionable intelligence in the right hands at the right place and time.

Parke Hunter avatar image Parke Hunter
Sisense Q4 2020 Release
Sisense Products | 3 min read

AI-Powered Analytics Deliver Insights for Every User

Bridge the analytics skills gap at your organization by infusing AI-powered insights into workflows.

Mindi Grissom avatar image Mindi Grissom

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Q2 Release: Modern Data Experience
Sisense Products | 3 min read

Sisense Release Update: A Modern Data Experience Across the Analytics Continuum

Data-driven organizations require maximum flexibility when it comes to getting the most out of their data. Sisense’s Q2 release delivers just that.

Parke Hunter avatar image Parke Hunter
Sisense News | 4 min read

Saying Goodbye to Some of Our People. Building a Stronger Tomorrow.

These are challenging times for our families, businesses, customers, and communities. The economy as a whole is extremely unsettled. We've had to make some tough decisions that impacted people that I care deeply about.

Amir Orad avatar image Amir Orad
Sisense Products | 4 min read

Sisense Q1 2020 Release: Enhance Business Outcomes with AI

Sisense continues to develop AI capabilities, empowering builders and business users to leverage data in new ways.

Julie Zuckerman avatar image Julie Zuckerman