Naive Bayes Sentiment Analysis in Python After Preparing Data Using SQL

Learn how to build a sentiment analyzer using the Naive Bayes algorithm, a popular algorithm for sentiment analysis problems.

Snow Everything About Your Warehouse
Pipeline Innovation | 3 min read

Snow Everything About Your Warehouse

Learn to monitor trends in query performance to optimize user experience, including ad hoc analytics and business intelligence created on Snowflake.

Britton Stamper avatar image Britton Stamper
Simpsons-Paradox Featured image
Builder Education | 6 min read

Understanding Simpson’s Paradox to Avoid Faulty Conclusions

Spotting a lurking or confounding variable can help you avoid making a decision based on faulty analysis. Read on to learn how.

Ayelet Arditi avatar image Ayelet Arditi

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Manufacturing Data
Advanced Analytics | 7 min read

How Can Manufacturing Data Help Your Organization?

Manufacturing constantly seeks ways to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and unlock productivity and profitability. Data is a critical tool for identifying where and how that can be done in any manufacturing process.

Adam Murray avatar image Adam Murray
SQL Order of Operations
Unlock Complex Data | 3 min read

SQL Query Order of Execution

The SQL order of execution defines the order in which the clauses of a query are evaluated. Understanding query order can help you optimize your queries.

Sean Cook avatar image Sean Cook
4 Ways to Join the First Row
Builder Education | 3 min read

4 Ways to Join Only The First Row in SQL

Joining the First Row is an oft-used technique and a vital tool in the analyst's repertoire. Learn four different ways to pull off this essential move.

Sisense Data Team avatar image Sisense Data Team
Advanced Analytics | 4 min read

Deriving Value from Data Lakes with AI

Artificial Intelligence is the only way to derive value from large datasets. Is your company ready for the coming AI apocalypse?

Inna Tokarev Sela avatar image Inna Tokarev Sela
AI replace data engineers
Pipeline Innovation | 7 min read

Will AI Assist Data Engineers or Replace Them?

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the future of every industry, especially data and analytics. In Growing Up with...

Inna Tokarev Sela avatar image Inna Tokarev Sela
Unlock Complex Data | 12 min read

REST API Testing Strategy: What Exactly Should You Test?

The API layer of any application is one of the most crucial software components. It is the channel which...

Roy Mor avatar image Roy Mor
Pipeline Innovation | 16 min read

How to Build a Performant Data Warehouse in Redshift

Having seven years of experience with managing Redshift, a fleet of 335 clusters, combining for 2000+ nodes, we (your...

Sisense Data Team avatar image Sisense Data Team
postgres vs mongodb
Unlock Complex Data | 8 min read

Postgres vs. MongoDB for Storing JSON Data — Which Should You Choose?

What is JSON?What are MongoDB and PostgreSQL?Constraints and LimitationsNative JSON Data Stores PerformanceUse Cases and Factors Have you ever...

Adam Bonefeste avatar image Adam Bonefeste
Unlock Complex Data | 5 min read

Business Intelligence vs Business Analytics — Know the Difference

Business Analytics (BA) and Business Intelligence (BI) both provide tools for handling and making sense of your data. Learn the distinctions between these two terms.

Elana Roth avatar image Elana Roth
Advanced Analytics | 3 min read

Sisense AI – What it Really Takes to Build a Better Mousetrap

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the future of every industry, especially data and analytics. In Growing Up with...

PeggySue Werthessen avatar image PeggySue Werthessen
Snowflake and Sisense
Unlock Complex Data | 2 min read

Flexible, Powerful & Fast: Data Analysis with Snowflake + Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

In today’s business landscape, the only thing better than building a tech stack to answer questions with data is...

Ryan Waters avatar image Ryan Waters