When Apple first came out with the slogan “There’s an App For That” back in the dark ages of 2009, you could probably think of a whole host of things there was not, in fact, an app for. However, now, almost 10 years later, you’d be hard pressed to find something you want to do that doesn’t have an app to make the process more streamlined and easy to do. From games to news, food tracking to fitness tracking, meditation practice to social networks—there is officially an app for everything.

This should come as no surprise. Consumers now spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones with apps accounting for 89% of mobile media time. If you’re a business without an app, you’re missing a huge opportunity. Apps get people involved in your brand where they spend most of their time. They increase brand loyalty and stickiness over time. And, if we’re talking analytics, they’re a service you can charge your users for and implement with minimal effort if you have a turnkey solution.

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Data-driven from anywhere

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again: we’re living in the age of analytics and the demand to make data-driven decisions from anywhere (not just the office) is only growing. Consumers want to dig into data about everything and branded analytics inside your own app can do a ton for your users and your company.

Increased usage of and value from business analytics help drive user adoption. People are getting addicted to data and giving them robust dashboards and other functionality in a powerful app keeps them engaged way longer than doing the same stuff in a mobile browser. Plus, occupying real estate in the user’s smartphone and customizing the look and feel of the mobile app keeps your company top-of-mind for users.

A sleek, mobile analytics experience also helps improve win rates and gives you new ways to sell. Your in-app analytics deliver a more comprehensive service offering, which helps your customers meet their objectives, and sets you apart from the competition. Plus, you decide the pricing model and structure for your mobile apps, opening new pathways for upselling existing clients.

Brand it for better UX

Cross-platform branding is essential in today’s always-on, mobile sales environment. Companies spend significant time and effort designing their logos, picking colors, deciding on a brand tone and voice, all to make users as comfortable with their company branding as possible. Keeping this consistent across platforms helps companies earn trust. Think of it this way: if you see an ad for a company with specific branding, visit their site and see the same branding, then download their app and get something completely different, are you going to feel comfortable doing business with them through that app? Didn’t think so.

Design your app—and your in-app analytics—in line with your carefully-curated branding guidelines. Whatever analytical functionality you want to include in your app, making it look like all your other branded offerings will put your users’ minds at ease, build trust, and keep you top of mind. They’ll also feel comfortable spending more time in your app and be likelier to deepen their connection with your company and spend more money.

What are you waiting for?

In your quest to provide your customers with their data, their usage analytics, and important insights from your products, you can integrate fully branded and secured desktop analytics and extend it with a mobile app.

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to build the analytics for your app yourself. Look for a solution that offers a fully customizable, secure, turnkey solution and requires little to no custom development time. There’s no better time than the present. As the world becomes more and more mobile and mounds of data become mountains of data, there’s no reason not to give your customers the analytics on their mobile phone.

Mobile App eBook
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