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Uniting to empower data analytic teams

Last May, we made a decision to join forces with Periscope Data to build a true end-to-end analytics platform. Our vision was a single data platform that combined features custom-built for data, product, and BI teams for every step in the analysis process. Both companies shared the common vision that the most successful companies are transforming into data companies. The end product that we envisioned would allow these customers to extract deeper insights from their data and make those insights more actionable across every line of business.

Today, I’m proud to announce that we’ve hit another important milestone on our merger journey. We no longer have any reason to talk about Sisense and Periscope Data as separate entities. I couldn’t be more excited to say that effective today, Periscope Data will be renamed Sisense for Cloud Data Teams

A Whole New World for Data Teams with Sisense

Building the future for advanced data teams

Periscope Data has officially been a part of Sisense for quite some time now. The effect can be seen on the combined company culture, product roadmap, and especially our current data offerings. The announcement of Sisense for Cloud Data Teams illustrates the progress we’ve made as part of the merger.

The platform will still provide the same powerful in-app experience that our thousands of customers have come to love, now as an official part of the Sisense product family. The name will be changing, but the offering will remain the same: world-class technology for advanced data teams to discover powerful insights in data. We’re 100% committed to executing on our roadmap and continuing to innovate Sisense for Cloud Data Teams going forward.

Supercharging advanced data teams

Part of the new name is an appropriate recognition of the community of builders that has partnered with us to evolve the combined Sisense-Periscope offering to the world-class solution it is today: cloud data teams. These data professionals are driving the data revolution that is changing the way companies win with data. They’re asking new questions and continually pushing the boundaries of what can be done with our products. 

In addition to the broad range of capabilities already offered as part of the Periscope Data product, such as data pipelines and advanced ad-hoc analysis, the Sisense for Cloud Data Teams package will enjoy numerous benefits from being a part of the core Sisense platform. Over time users will be empowered with self-service dashboard creation and a more interactive exploratory environment.

These builders are the reason Sisense invests so heavily in delivering new technology to elevate the effectiveness and enhance the impact of data and insights. The announcement of Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is an acknowledgment of the value these experts provide and a promise to execute on an aggressive roadmap for them. 

Building a common Sisense vision

From the beginning, the merger of Sisense and Periscope Data was always about finding a way to create a single data platform that would deliver the most value to every user, regardless of their data needs or technical ability. However, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is a huge step for advanced data teams. This data analytics platform gives those teams a more powerful way to make their insights operational for other leaders within their organizations. 

The co-founder of Periscope and now one of my partners on this journey, our CMO Harry Glaser, has brought his own perspective and energy to Sisense’s vision of a true end-to-end data platform and has expressed his thoughts here.

Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is the operational realization of the vision we shared last year at the outset of the merger. It’s the result of years of work to build a platform that enables advanced data teams to accelerate organizations all over the world. We couldn’t be more excited about the journey to deliver this functionality to modern data builders.

While delivering Sisense for Cloud Data Teams is an important milestone, it’s only the beginning of our goal to deliver the best data analytics platform. I’d like to thank the customers who have come this far with us and encourage builders everywhere (including product and BI teams) to continue innovating with Sisense. Power to the builders; insights for everyone!

A Whole New World for Data Teams with Sisense

Amir Orad is the CEO of Sisense, a successful entrepreneur and a Big Data, cybersecurity, and financial technology thought leader, with proven success in leading and scaling businesses.

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