Customer obsession is part of who we are. In Sisense Successes, we share stories of customer obsession in action and best practices you can apply in your own customer relationships. When we partner, we all win.

We’re obsessed with the success of our customers — it’s in our DNA. So when we learned we’d been honored with our fourth perfect recommendation score in Dresner’s 2020 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study, it was quite a thrill. Add to that being acknowledged two years in a row as “Credibility Leader” and “Overall Customer Experience Leader,” let’s just say it was a pretty great day!

The value of this type of acknowledgement means so much to all of us at Sisense because the Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study is an objective source of industry research. The Dresner team surveys active BI customers, which means that our perfect recommendation score came from the people who know us best — our customers.  We can’t thank them enough for placing their trust in us.

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Building a partnership

Recognition from the customers who participated in the study reflects the premium we place not only on delivering a powerful analytics platform that distributes insights to everyone, but the way we engage with and support our customers. Maintaining customer trust will always be our top priority.

We understand that customers want a partner, someone who’s not only helping them maximize the value of their investment in Sisense, but is there to support their future evolution. We know our customers’ success is our success. Every conversation with a customer is a chance to deepen our relationship and help them get more out of their data. We consider ourselves partners and take that responsibility to heart.

Our front-line client-”partners” is The Customer Success Team, whose role it is to help customers maximize their investment in Sisense. How do we do that? We start with the premise that we’re here to help solve problems and help customers do things they previously thought were impossible. It’s a lofty ambition and one we relish each and every day.

Partnership + insights = solving business problems

The first and most important ingredient for creating happy customers is to understand the business problem they’re solving. From our earliest conversations with a customer we step into the shoes of our role as partner and guide. We explore how we can help them achieve their near-term goals and build better outcomes.  

Running a Proof of Concept with Sisense is a powerful experience for both sides of the relationship. Using real data from the customer’s own sources gives us a true understanding of their technical and business needs.  When they see the instant insights that Sisense produces, the proverbial light bulb goes off.  It never gets old watching a face light up, seeing the wheels turn as their imaginations start racing with the endless array of possibilities that our platform opens up for them.

As a partner, we also consider ourselves an extension of the customer, assigning each a designated BI Consultant and Customer Success Manager. Learning about their day-to-day needs and long-term vision allows us to use our internal expertise to map out a customer journey and guide them each step of the way. Customer Success Managers tap into the thousands of previous Sisense customer use cases across industries and of varying complexity, bringing broad and/or deep experience and learnings from one customer to the next. Every customer has something to teach us about how companies use data to transform a business or change lives. It’s our pleasure to pass that along to new customers who can benefit from those experiences.

“We knew our journey with predictive analytics and sentiment analysis was going to be a gradual progression that would eventually help us understand and better serve our customers. As a long-time Sisense customer, we knew that we had an open analytics platform on our hands that would be the backbone of this next analytics frontier for Skullcandy.”

Skullcandy Mark Hopkins, Chief Information Officer, Skullcandy

We’ve taken what we’ve learned from our customers and combined it with our own understanding of how the data and analytics world is evolving to drive innovations that unlock new possibilities and help our clients future-proof their products and services. Re-architecting Sisense into its current cloud-native form delivers even better connections to a cloud data warehouse, which almost every company is using or will use soon. 

Customer success isn’t a team sport – it’s a company value

The obsession with customer success runs throughout Sisense. “Customer success” isn’t just my team; it’s a pillar of our company culture. Our customer success team works together with every corner of our organization, from professional services, to development, to marketing, so that our customer journey is a smooth and rewarding ride all the way through.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a role that can be summed up in one question. For Customer Success Teams like ours, that question is “Would you recommend our organization to a friend or colleague?”

That’s it. If the client can answer that question with an emphatic “yes!” then we’ve done our job. 

If you’re familiar with the industry surveys like Dresner’s 2020 Wisdom of Crowds BI Market Study, you’ll recognize this as the question that directly translates into a company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS). This three-letter attribute is one of the most important metrics for service-providers as it ranks customer satisfaction. With some of the highest NPS scores in the industry, benchmarked by analysts, this is further evidence we track to ensure we’re doing right by our customers

“One of the things that really drew us to Sisense was the feeling of a partnership and a long-term relationship, and this ‘best of both worlds’ experience. Sisense is delivering a beautiful front-end experience, powerful and flexible data modeling, and the opportunity to integrate at a very deep level.”

Chris Wallingford, TessituraChris Wallingford, Director of Business Intelligence, Tessitura Network

Outside of 1:1 engagement, an effective customer success strategy must extend beyond customer success calls and tutorials. Through a diverse array of online events like webinars and fireside chats, we constantly give our clients and prospective clients a look at where the market is going and the possibilities that advanced analytics can open up for them. What can you do with Sisense? Only you can answer that. Whatever you decide, we’ll help you do it!

Innovating for success

Dresner’s acknowledgment of our market leadership adds to other industry recognitions — including being a Visionary in Gartner’s 2020 Magic Quadrant for BI and Analytics Platforms and being a Leaders among BI Platforms in the 2019 Forrester Wave

These acknowledgements wouldn’t be possible if the technology, problem-solving, and partnership didn’t result in success for our customers. We wouldn’t still be in operation 15 years after our founding in a smoky startup office in 2005 without our relentless commitment to delivering the best for our clients and building on our past successes.

Tom Lebovic, Manager of Reporting and Analytics at Production Resource Group says, “As anyone who’s ever done anything will tell you, it’s really the end users that will make or break the product. Sisense shows a great willingness to listen to it’s customers, take suggestions from them, and incorporate the changes they feel are necessary.” 

“Sisense often incorporates our ideas into updates so we can expand on that new functionality and deliver the kinds of solutions our stakeholders at PRG expect.”

Tom LebovicTom Lebovic, Manager of Reporting and Analytics at Production Resource Group

While it’s great to receive validation that we’re doing the right thing, “settling” just isn’t a Sisense value. Being a challenger is. We constantly strive to raise the bar, to deliver the best in the business, from our technology, to our service, to your overall experience with Sisense. If you’re already a customer, thank you for your continued trust in Sisense. We value your business. Here’s to your continued success. 

Click here for a complimentary copy of the report.

Gali Kedar leads the Sisense Customer Success organization, owning the customer journey, relationships, and customers’ growth. Previously, she led strategic partnerships at AOL and managed the Online Threats Managed Services Business Unit at RSA. With 7x growth under her leadership, Gali is customer obsessed, servicing and regularly engaging with thousands of customers.

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