I am incredibly proud and excited that Periscope Data is combining forces with Sisense in a merger that makes it possible to deliver the premier end-to-end BI and analytics platform that is unmatched in the industry. The deal gives us critical mass with over $100M in annual revenue with a global team of 700 exceptional data and analytics experts.

Before I go any further, I have to give a big hats-off to the co-founders of Periscope Data, Harry Glaser and Tom O’Neill, for having the foresight to create a world-class platform for cloud data engineers and scientists, an industry first for this type of product. Harry and Tom had the vision to see a world where business was guided by deep and complex data-driven insights.

Similarly, at Sisense, I am a big believer, and so is the rest of our team, that every company will be a data company, every product will be a data-driven product, and every service will be a data-driven service. What was once a bold prediction is becoming more obvious by the day; current leaders in every industry are either disruptors that dominate legacy industries leveraging big data, or they’re traditional enterprises that see data as an opportunity to transform their products and services.

A ‘perfect storm’ of advances in Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) has accelerated this digital transformation. To thrive in this environment, every enterprise or small business needs to learn to leverage advanced ML and AI capabilities to augment and, in some instances, automate human decision-making.

One day, not too far in the future, this will be a requirement for every business. There’s no doubt in my mind that the organizations that do this now will blow past their competition. Those who won’t do it, and do it well, will not be here in a decade to tell their story.

Power to The Builders, Giving Insights to Everyone

Business leaders reading this may ask themselves, “How can I do this?” It’s not about “how?” but “who?” That’s where the Sisense and Periscope Data merger comes in.

First, you need the right people. Today’s rockstars of business are data engineers, BI teams, data scientists, developers, business analysts, and data-focused business users—the people we call “analytic builders.”

To be sure, data expertise is not enough. To be successful, analytic builders will need a platform that empowers data, product, and business teams to drive this transformation within their organizations, dramatically reducing both the time and effort needed along the entire analytics workflow.

With this merger, Sisense provides that platform, helping builders transform even the most complex data into AI-powered apps that drive end-user exploration and engagement, leading to wide data adoption within the enterprise. That transformative offering is being leveraged by clients like Verizon Wireless, which taps Sisense to use anomaly detection analytics to stay ahead of potential failures in the network, and Air Canada, which uses our analytics to improve flight safety.

More than that, Sisense helps transform the entire data workflow, from research and complex analysis to visual data exploration, to building and embedding analytical apps. Anaqua, a leading provider of intellectual property (IP) management software, provides insights on the value of intangible assets, and Buck, an integrated HR and benefits consulting, administration, and technology services firm, delivers consulting insights. Both tap Sisense embedded analytics to deliver and monetize these insights with their clients.

We take that even further,democratizing analytics and providing actionable intelligence to everyone in the organization and outside it. That means delivering insights created by AI and ML algorithms, insights researched via visual self-service exploration, and insights embedded in products and services.

Only when you have empowered the builders and accelerated access to insights for everyone have you truly democratized big data and analytics.

Built for Builders

Periscope Data provides an industry-leading platform for complex analysis that allows teams to experiment with machine learning and other advanced processes to unlock new value from data.

They have given data science teams access to a cloud platform with capabilities like cloud-native data integration and pipeline, advanced analysis with SQL, R, and Python, and integration with production cloud machine learning systems. They have also been recognized as a “game-changer” by Next Wave Business Intelligence and the 4th fastest-growing company in North America by Deloitte.

Periscope Data improves our offering for the most demanding and sophisticated set of users – data engineers and data scientists. Our rich, end-to-end platform supports builders in their native language and accelerates their ability to research, build, distribute, and operationalize analytic apps.

These additions make us, combined, far and away, the broadest end to end solution for every type of builder in the market.  

Better Together

Periscope Data technology adds a critical component to Sisense which has long been recognized as a BI leader for our ability to work with complex data. We pride ourselves on letting teams rapidly and easily transform that complex data into highly interactive actionable apps that can be embedded and delivered at scale across enterprises and small businesses. We’ve done a great job in delivering that to our clients, which is why we were hailed as a Visionary by Gartner and a top 50 global cloud company recognized by Forbes in the past year alone.

But the addition of Periscope Data is much more than the acquisition of technology. It’s a combination of two people-first and culture-first companies.

Both companies have been named top companies to work for in San Francisco and in New York, respectively, and recognized for diversity by Forbes and Gartner.

Both companies are also completely invested in customer success. That focus has allowed Periscope Data to win multiple Stevie awards for customer support and service, while Sisense, achieved a 100 percent rating of “excellent” from clients surveyed in Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence.

These complementary cultures will combine and reinforce one another in the combined company’s core DNA to deliver the next business intelligence giant.

Analytic Builders: Unite!

The day of the builder has arrived.

Technological advances and a growing understanding of the value of data has laid the foundation for big changes in business and big opportunities for builders.

Sisense combined with the technology, team, and values of Periscope Data, provides the industry’s most powerful solution for the builders of analytic apps that will help businesses succeed in carrying out this data transformation.

Analytic builders of the world: Unite! The transformation that you’re building in your organizations and across industries will usher in an exciting new era in the history of business. With the combination of Sisense AND Periscope Data, you now have the tools you need to make this new era a reality.

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