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The spread of coronavirus has caused massive changes in the way companies organize and deploy their workforces, with countless workers completing their duties from home instead of the office, many for the first time. While this situation presents many challenges, such as effective collaboration over distances, it also presents unique opportunities for self-improvement.  

Enterprising analysts and BI experts are always looking to augment their skills. This collection of articles features some of our strongest dashboarding and data storytelling how-to content, from Sisensers with years of experience. Turn your social isolation time into a skill-building journey.


Dashboard Design Best Practices – 4 Key Principles

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Dashboards play a powerful role in sharing insights across organizations and allowing users of all skill-levels and specialties to drill down into the KPIs that matter most to them and make smarter, data-driven decisions. Drill down into the fundamentals of good dashboarding: simplifying complex analyses, conveying meaning, and not overwhelming the user.

A Product Designer’s Tips for Impactful Dashboard Design

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You don’t need a full team of UI/UX designers to make your dashboards look great. But there are a few simple steps you can take to improve your end-users’ experience. By focusing best-practices for layout, hierarchy, styling, and styling, you can uplevel your dashboards all on your own⁠—today. 

Tracking KPIs Year-Over-Year

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Every analyst needs to be able to tackle essential calculations on their own, or at least understand the process. Seeing how various KPIs have changed from year to year can be vital to making business decisions and gauging which practices are working and which aren’t. Dig into the methodology and reasoning behind YoY calculations in this article.

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How to Design Better Dashboards: A Visual Guide

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Data-driven decisions start before the dashboard is even created. But what makes or breaks a dashboard? This fun, visual infographic post drives home the dos and don’ts of great dashboards by walking you through one that’s poorly designed and one that’s optimized for readability. Seeing is believing as you learn the most important lessons of dashboard design. 

Calculating Averages with Ease

calculating averages with ease

When you need a quick way to monitor your company’s success in meeting objectives, sales provide one of the easiest metrics since it is a direct display of efficiency related to profits. Even so, raw sales data can be overwhelming and may not always paint the clearest picture. Calculating average sales is an uncomplicated process and can help steer your business decisions for greater success. Plus, you can apply these techniques to any KPI to get a clearer view of every aspect of your company’s performance.

Chart Data Discoveries with Ease 

calculating averages with ease

Looking for a deeper dive? This white paper walks you through the entire dashboarding process, from choosing the right dataset to asking the right questions and finally assembling something that will truly empower your end-users. It’s both a primer for first-timers and an indispensable reference for the seasoned professional.

Step up your storytelling

As an analyst, your colleagues rely on you for a lot. You’re their data-whisperer, conjuring forth insights from vast quantities of data and presenting them in a way that’s easy to understand and helps your teammates make smarter decisions. It’s a big responsibility, but with these tools in your repertoire, you’ll have the power to build dashboards that other people will love. Go forth and build boldly!

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Daniel Brault is the Product Marketing Manager for Sisense’s BI & Analytics Teams package. He has nearly a decade of experience leading marketing initiatives in the Analytics software market.  He holds a BA in Economics from The College of the Holy Cross and an MBA from the University of New Hampshire.

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