Data and analytics are all about finding patterns, figuring out what’s next, and creating a better world. In Build the Future of Data, we give you insights into the tools and trends that will define the next era of business.

Start strong with the right knowledge

Few worlds have a pace of innovation quite like data and analytics. We’ve collected the biggest posts of 2019 to give you a look at where the industry has been and where it’s going to give you the can’t-miss perspectives and how-to’s you need to start 2020 off strong. Let us help you set the right foundation for the rest of your year!

Build Analytics, Build the Future

Whether you’re an analyst, business user, engineer, or developer, we’re all builders. Dig into what makes everyone on your team special and all the ways that analytics builders of all kinds are needed to build the products of the future. Analytics and data are becoming an integral part of every software product and every company. Only by combining our different skills can we build things that stand the test of time and make the world a better place.

Sisense BloX 2.0: Activate Your Dashboard

Speaking of building cutting-edge products, in 2020 embedding analytics is just the start. Next-level developers build actionable analytic apps, allowing users to combine the insights they need with the ability to take instant actions. Users don’t want more charts; they want to make smarter decisions and take faster actions. Read about how Sisense BloX 2.0 helps you build what people want, easier!

5 Advantages of Using a Redshift Data Warehouse

Whatever business you’re in, your company is becoming a data company. That means you need to put all that data somewhere. Chances are it’s in a data warehouse, and even better money says it’s an AWS data warehouse. Redshift is one of AWS’s flagship offerings. This article gives you a handful of great reasons to get to know this powerful data warehouse.

Why Your BI and Analytics Platform Should be Cloud-Agnostic

Whatever cloud solution you use to store your companies data (or however many you use), you want them all to play nice with your data and analytics platform. As the analytics space becomes more consolidated, walled gardens are springing up. Don’t let your data get trapped on the wrong side of a wall you never even knew was there! Cloud-agnostic analytics platforms can handle data no matter where it lives and serve up game-changing insights. Learn how!

D3 Data Visualization ⁠— Take Your Dashboards to Another Level

Actionable analytic apps are the wave of the future, but dashboards aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. D3 data visualization tools are your secret weapon when it comes to supercharging your dashboards. Built on JavaScript, D3 utilizes assets from HTML, CSS, and SVG so you can integrate any visualization seamlessly into a web page, dashboard, or website. Easily handle large datasets and create fluid animations and visual styles with little resource allocation, and use stack tools such as SVG and CSS externally to modify the visual aspects. Read on to learn more.

Data for All: Empowering Users With AI, ML, and Analytics

The world of data is now the world of Big Data and analytics has had to evolve to keep up. The only way to handle larger and larger datasets is with machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Cheaper hardware, larger datasets, and more sophisticated AI algorithms have created a perfect storm of innovation. Learn what this will mean for your company and the analytics world.

Winning the Future: Digital Transformation, the Cloud, and AWS

Another blog post about something transforming? Yes — digital transformation. The business world has changed and companies need to evolve to keep up. This is called “digital transformation” and it means that everything about how your company keeps data, analyzes it, acts on it, and monetizes it has to change. Get what it takes to survive, evolve, and thrive in the future.

Closer Than You Think: Data Strategies Across Your Company

Every company is becoming a data company. Charles Holive has spent years helping companies learn to tap the potential of the data they’ve been storing and turn it into new revenue streams. Read (and hear) what he has to say with this podcast rundown ep, complete with scintillating conversation. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears that will get you in the right mindset to monetize your data in 2020.

How Sisense Engineered Its Cloud-Native Linux Deployment From the Ground Up

Remember up above when we shared that your analytics solution should be cloud-agnostic? Well, it should also be cloud-native. Cloud-native architecture is the only choice for companies looking to own the future. All data is moving to the cloud and only cloud-native systems are able to seamlessly integrate that information into the software that your company will be creating. Read on to learn how we rebuilt our architecture to tackle whatever you’re building. 

SQL, Python, and R — Why You Need a Unified Analytics Stack

Modern analytics wouldn’t exist without noble, hardworking SQL. But this mighty language can’t tackle every analytics challenge on its own. Python and R have emerged as the premier languages for machine learning and advanced analytics. As every dataset becomes a Big Data dataset, only these languages and the more complex analytical processes that they enable will be able to handle them. Read on to understand why you need all three of these languages together if you’re going to conquer your huge datasets.

A vision for the future

The year 2020 is going to be huge for data and analytics. Every company will have to grapple with how they use their data, what tools they tackle it with, and how they turn their data into money. The Sisense blog will remain your home base for answering these questions and more, with insights from our thought leaders and expert contributors. Stay tuned and keep building boldly.


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