Director of Product

Tel Aviv


Sisense is developing the next generation analytics platform companies to build analytics experiences to drive better outcomes. We're expanding the platform to include code-driven functionality and need a Director to lead the charge. This role will be focused on ensuring PM best practices are being followed from product inception through delivery.  You must have a deep knowledge of the data and analytics space to help develop the future of the Sisense Platform.  As a key member of the Product leadership team, the Director, Product Management will work to instill a customer-first culture and mentality in the product and development organizations.  You will also serve as a cross-functional leader working closely with Marketing and Sales to communicate the product roadmap and support efforts around messaging and enablement. This role will report directly to the Vice President of Product Management. 


Sisense is a customer-obsessed company. We meet with customers on a regular basis and our roadmap is largely based on those conversations along with understanding industry trends. That customer-centric attitude starts at the top. Our Chief Product and Marketing Officer brings a wealth of data expertise from companies like Amazon, Tableau and Alteryx. She’s held top level leadership roles at two of the market’s most successful publicly traded analytics companies. 


In your first 30 days, you'll spend most of your time ramping up on the product and our existing processes. You'll...

  • Get familiar with our different user personas and how they each use the product.
  • Work with the Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success  teams to see how they explain Sisense to customers.
  • Establish the relationships necessary for long-term collaboration with Design, Engineering and Product Marketing.

By day 60, you'll have begun to evolve our product team to deliver even better experiences to our customers. You'll...

  • Interview customers to understand their use cases and identify their pain points.
  • Ensure that all feature teams are prioritizing, designing, and successfully shipping on time and under budget.
  • Develop processes that improve team efficiency and ensure the best outcomes for customers.

By day 90, you'll know the product and its users, and can identify and deliver lasting improvements for customers. You'll...

  • Be an expert in the strategic direction of the product. The company inherently trusts you to make the right product decisions.
  • Drive discussions both internally and externally around how the product can be better, and then implement the changes that add the most value.
  • Expand your influence across the company, driving process and improvements where appropriate.


  • You have led Product teams to rapidly deliver customer value. Your experience speaks for itself with many examples of large, successful releases of company-defining initiatives.
  • You are fluent with data. You know SQL, R or Python and have worked with multiple data analysis tools. You're excited to talk about the outcomes driven from your past analyses.
  • You are technical and can discuss implementations and tradeoffs with Engineering. You have a solid understanding of how your past work is implemented, well below the UX layer.
  • Deep understanding of industry trends and competitive offerings
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically about business, product, and technical challenges
  • Ability to understand the overall business strategy and direction from the executive team and ensure product team alignment
  • You take an active role in growing the people on your team. Many of your former reports have varied and successful careers, propelled by your guidance.


We're a passionate, venture-funded team with more than 2000 customers, including Nasdaq,  GE Healthcare, Honda, Verizon, and Philips 

We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We're constantly measuring and optimizing everything about the business.

We have close relationships with our customers.

We’ve been recognized by Comparably, Glassdoor, and Gartner for our amazing company culture.

We have super high customer retention — better than best in class SaaS companies.

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