R&D Director

Tel Aviv


As a R&D Director in Sisense Engineering group, you’ll be managing three R&D teams, and report to AVP of Engineering. You’ll lead the development of all the Sisense BI Cloud Native Infrasrtucture using  Java,  JavaScript and Node.js.

The back end group serves 100s of concurrent users. It also includes owning and developing infrastructure services like database connection, api-gateway, identity management, login, admin, management … In addition you will lead the scale/performance/high availability of the platform.

The role requires managing critical customer escalations, key customer implementations, interacting with Support, Customer Success, and Pre-Sales. 


  • Lead the development and delivery of Sisense BI infrastructure by managing three R&D teams across different locations
  • Focus on content delivery, quality, engineering excellence, develop people careers, technology selection, product architecture
  • Drive product quality and complex delivery projects
  • Review, and direct key architectural components, software, and general product architecture
  • Drive engineering excellence and productivity through constant improvement in processes, tools, practices, and skills
  • Work closely with internal stakeholders such as Engineers, Solution Engineers, Product Managers, Professional Services.  
  • Work with external customers to collect feedback, assist with POCs, and escalations 


  • BSc in Engineering or equivalent 
  • Extensive experience in backend software development, and 10+ years in managerial roles
  • You have extensive experience with web technologies, cloud architecture, and multi-user and highly concurrent systems
  • You have the ability to drill down to detailed design and code level when needed
  • You have experience leading complex product development projects and products from concept to release
  • You have development experience under Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, etc. 
  • You have experience with cloud providers - AWS, GCP, Azure.  
  • You have strong leadership skills, the ability to drive cross-departmental changes
  • You have the ability to mentor R&D Managers
  • You can collaborate and thrive in a fast-paced, high-performance environment
  • You can lead and speak in public cross-team meetings
  • You are able to articulate product road maps and technical differentiators to a wide audience
  • You are a lifelong learner with an insatiable curiosity
  • You have the ability to effectively communicate in English complex concepts in a clear and professional manner


By Day 30...

  • You will learn about the Sisense product, Infrastructure architecture and design 
  • You will build relationships with teams in the R&D, Product and Customer Success 
  • You’ll define objectives and plans for their attainment 

Day 60...

  • You will have an understanding of the way components are communicating in the system and of communication protocols 
  • You’ll manage and coordinate a major development activity within a broader function of R&D
  • You will be able to identify performance bottlenecks in the product by looking at test results and design those tests

Day 90...

  • You will complete a deep dive into Sisense’s technical infrastructure 
  • You’ll’ be responsible for all engineering stages of software engineering both in SaaS/Desktop software products
  • You will be able to create new infrastructure architecture design and to coordinate its integration with different development groups 
  • You will have a deep understanding of the development processes and integration


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