Senior Software Engineer (Frontend)

San Francisco, Remote US


The Sisense Engineering team is on a mission to empower modern data teams to deliver insights to everyone inside and outside their organizations. We bring “power to the builders” by enabling our customers to answer complex questions with data and drive the best business outcomes possible. 


    • We live our values. We care about each other, the technology we create, and the customers we support. We know we’re constantly learning and improving, and look forward to sharing insights and techniques with each other.
    • We have interesting customers. We support the Red Cross with dashboards about supplies, help a suicide prevention hotline with SQL+Python ML analysis, and enable Tinder to make better matches.
    • We are our own customer. We’re heavy users of the features we build and have an intuitive understanding of what makes data teams so special and successful.
    • “You have unlimited questions remaining” is core to our team’s philosophy. We are excited about learning and sharing together, and work hard to make sure that everyone is set up for success.


By Day 30..

  • You will be set up with a buddy, who will work with you to get your development environment setup and work together on a first task where you will push code into production within your first few days.
  • You will develop a high level understanding of our architecture, stack, and product.
  • You will start by shipping small features, polishes, and improvements while working with the team using a range of technologies such as HTML, Javascript, Typescript, CSS, SCSS, React, Redux, and Flux. 
  • You will understand our systems, codebase, testing strategies, development philosophies, and methodologies.
  • You will build connections with team members within and across feature teams to help you gain a deeper and wider understanding of the why and what you are building, and how the different tasks are related.
  • You will have participated in sprint planning and provided estimates to user stories or technical tasks.

By Day 60..

  • You will continue to ship cloud features, and as you get more familiar with the codebase and tech stack, you will also start to participate in code reviews, design reviews, and as we plan our more complex features, be a crucial part of the engineering design process.
  • You will focus on deepening your understanding of our architecture, stack, and product in addition to shipping features.  You’ll spend some time understanding shared components, style guides, learning how they are integrated in different projects and learning web servers and how they talk to backend microservices. 
  • You will be proposing, designing, and implementing solutions to improve user-friendliness, reusability and performance of our user interfaces. 

By Day 90.. 

  • You will provide frontend architecture and design input and opinions on a wider range of projects in addition to the primary project you will be working on.
  • You will have an opportunity to focus on defining areas where you can be a force multiplier to engineers on other teams. 
  • You will have developed a full understanding of our systems, codebase, testing strategies, development philosophies, and methodologies.
  • You will be confident and comfortable shipping features independently. 


  • You have designed and implemented substantial frontend apps where your technical designs led to smaller implementation tasks for more junior engineers
  • You have helped design or architect a major feature that multiple other engineers worked on
  • You have solved complex technical challenges to improve customer happiness, and developer productivity.
  • You have previously worked in an inclusive, collaborative environment and mentoring team members when needed. You believe in achieving collective impact and that we are “better together”.
  • You have customer empathy and are curious about how your work is going to impact a customer’s use case.
  • You're excited to pitch in wherever the team needs help, from investigating issues, debugging together to supporting customers.
  • You have successfully evangelized and driven best practices related to code quality and testability across teams.


  • We're a passionate, venture-funded team with more than 2000 customers, including Nasdaq, GE Healthcare, Honda, Verizon, and Philips working out of our office in the Financial District .
  • We believe strongly in a data-driven approach to all that we do. We're constantly measuring and optimizing everything about the business.
  • We have close relationships with our customers.
  • We’ve been recognized by Comparably, Glassdoor, and Gartner for our amazing company culture.
  • We have super high customer retention — better than best in class SaaS companies.

I'm In!