Talent Acquisition Partner

Sydney, Australia


Sisense's mission is to ensure every candidate who walks through our doors leaves loving our company, product and people as much as we do. As our first Recruiter in the APAC region, and the face of the company to the region, you will own building out our field team against our 2021 goals, drive a premier candidate experience, create process improvements and add value to the talent function overall by driving culture initiatives.


Sisense’s field team is a rapidly growing organization who care deeply about empowering companies to make better data driven decisions. On this team, we have Sisense veterans who have grown in their careers as well as industry veterans who have extensive experience in the APAC region. 

Our Global VP of Talent Acquisition made her first hire before her first day at Sisense! She has a background in technical and diversity recruiting and built the global talent team at her last company. She's also scaled out the coordinating, sourcing and recruiting function in a highly competitive market and has also recruited for Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong. In a nutshell, she’s seen the movie before and looks to do it all over again at Sisense.

Sisense’s Talent Acquisition Manager brings a wealth of experience from building high growth companies. In her 4+ years at Sisense, she’s helped introduce best practices and systems that allow recruiters to move faster and hire better all while providing a strong candidate experience. She enjoys working with people who are passionate about finding talent and making an impact!

You’ll be surrounded by a team that loves what they do, and recognizes the enormous responsibility that they have - with every hire we bring into the company, we are changing the lives of our employees and their key stakeholders.


Within your first week...

  • We'll introduce you do our recruiting philosophy, train you on our applicant tracking system and hear a variety of interviews and intake meetings to calibrate on the hiring bar.
  • You’ll speak with every hiring manager in APAC and understand their sales pitch, the problems they’re solving, why they joined our company and what keeps them here.

By Day 30...

  • You’ve developed a complete understanding of our business model, recruiting process and how to pitch Sisense to candidates.
  • You’ll know what makes the next great Sisense employee! You’re sourcing passive candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter and other channels.
  • You're considered the right hand person for our Regional VP of APAC and you've started to build strong relationships with all of the other hiring managers in APAC.

Day 60...

  • You’ve made your first placement!
  • You mastered our internal process with little supervision from our Talent Acquisition Manager and you can train hiring managers on Sisense’s structured hiring model.
  • You are the subject matter expert for all technical recruitment queries and concerns.
  • You’ll familiarize yourself with Greenhouse reporting and pull recruiting funnel reports. Data drives us and we use it to identify our weak spots.
  • You’ll launch various campaigns that drive employee referrals and top of funnel success.

Day 90...

  • You'll present a QBR which highlights your successes and what you believe are your areas of growth. You and your manager will develop a plan to continue to get better.
  • You’ll become the trusted adviser to your respective business units.
  • You've had check-ins with your hires to ensure they are being set up for success.
  • You’ve built a consistent and healthy pipeline of candidates and you’re at pace with our 2021 hiring plan.
  • You’ll begin launching improvements for our current/evolving recruiting processes and employment branding. Your observation of our processes should initiate scalable change to our recruitment strategy.


  • You’ve placed more than 40 full time sales people across the competitive Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and Tokyo markets.
  • The bulk of your placements have come from passive recruitment strategies.
  • You’ve built a network of talented field sales and technical talent and you’ve maintained strong relationships with them.
  • You have countless examples of making things better and you’ve measured them.
  • You must have organization in your life, otherwise you can’t sleep.
  • You’ve used data and metrics to drive improvement.
  • You're able to build partnerships across various teams, work in a collaborative manner, and develop strong working relationships with hiring managers.
  • You've onboarded new hires and you have supported HR related matters.
  • You need to align yourself with a company’s goal and you want to contribute.

I'm In!