CTSI-Global Saves Significant Time and Money by Moving to Sisense Cloud

In early 2020, CTSI-Global, the world’s largest privately owned freight audit and payment company, had a decision to make: Do they continue to house their data on-prem or find a cloud solution? Development Manager Todd Winton and his team chose to partner with Sisense Cloud, and now speaks to why he feels he made the right decision.

“I’ve given myself back anywhere from five to 10 hours a week not having to manage the infrastructure,” says Todd. But the benefits did not stop with Todd’s time. For CTSI-Global the advantages only six months after migrating to the Sisense Cloud also include:

  • Faster dashboard load times
  • Build times decreased 20-50% 
  • Performance increases across the board
  • Savings of $40,000 by not partnering with a new host

Watch Todd further explain the benefits of Sisense Cloud below:

CTSI-Global Uses Embedded Analytics to Accommodate Billions of Records

Before adopting Sisense Cloud, CTSI-Global was already using Sisense to provide white-label embedded analytics within their client SaaS applications. In 2015, Todd identified the need to incorporate modern BI technology to help shippers perform advance forecasting and modeling through elegant and robust visualizations. To achieve those goals he turned to Sisense and saw almost immediate success.

Read more about CTSI-Global’s adoption of Sisense Embedded Analytics.

“I wouldn’t be where I am right now with the support I’ve gotten from Sisense.”

– Todd Winton, Development Manager

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