Executive Summary

The global aviation market is known for extremely volatile ticket prices, leaving consumers with no choice but to buy tickets without access to information regarding when a price change will occur. FairFly was created to bridge this gap by using innovative technology to continuously monitor ticket prices after a purchase and notify the consumer if the price drops and savings are possible. Doron Gill, VP of R&D, saw his IT and R&D developments slammed with constant requests and decided they needed an IT-free BI tool to address their growing needs. After implementing Sisense, his users are now able to generate all their own reporting with no need for help from IT or R&D.

The Challenge: Growing Data

Since FairFly ensures that customers get the fairest price for their flight through carefully analyzing and monitoring flight data, finding an easy-to-use BI tool was crucial for the company. With a fast growing database of users and endless amount of flight data, FairFly knew they needed a way to quickly and easily manage, access, and visualize data to keep them ahead of the competition.

Doron’s users needed to make day-to-day decisions based on databases that were growing in gigabytes every week. Additionally, he wanted to combine this data with several other sources including a CRM and MixPanel, which tracks user behavior on mobile. Because, at this stage, all programming was manual and the requests were coming in constantly, Doron needed a tool that would free up his IT and R&D staff to work on their core products, rather than writing reports. Ami Goldenberg, CTO and Co-Founder, was keen for Doron to get a solution that would empower their business users to create their own dashboards and get to their answers more quickly.

“I love that Sisense has a very close relationship with its customers–something that is not easy to find.”

The Search Is On

After researching half a dozen BI tools, Doron realized he wanted a BI tool that did not require any R&D resources to run, which meant that functionalities should be easy-to-use, even for non-technical business managers. Doron’s BI nightmare was one where, one-year down the road, he would still need the assistance of an engineer to manage data. He did not want the R&D or IT departments coming into a pile of change requests every morning. With the free Sisense proof of concept, he was able to see results immediately and the choice was made.

“Sisense’s beautiful and intuitive data visualizations were the sexiest of any BI tool.”

No More Manual Reports

Just as Doron hoped, none of their BI dashboards require any time from R&D. Dashboards are refreshed automatically four times a day and business managers can easily manage, access, analyze, or visualize the data independently. The Sisense dashboards, which include dashboards for customer retention, tracking and alerts, and customer behavior, all have business managers without any involvement from R&D. The efficiency of Sisense means that someone who is not an engineer and therefore doesn’t require the training of an engineer, let alone receive the salary of one, is doing the same job two engineers do in a company without Sisense. For FairFly, that means more data-driven insights, reaching conclusions faster, from everyone in the company.

“I love the fact that we can analyze and visualize data and reach meaningful business insights without the help of any technical department.”

Hero Moment

On a daily basis, FairFly uses Sisense dashboards to discover which channels users come from, how many itineraries are uploaded, where customers are located geographically, and most importantly, how much money users are saving with FairFly. With business users creating more dashboards everyday, FairFly has uncovered incredibly powerful insights that have changed the way they do business. For example, based on analyzing user behavior, Doron was able to identify that a certain feature they had developed was creating value only for users from a specific geographic location. Being able to quickly identify this anomaly allowed FairFly to understand why there was a sudden drop in conversion rates from one geographic location to another before any damage was done– saving them time, resources, and lost opportunities.

“The efficiency of Sisense means that someone who is not an engineer and therefore doesn’t require the training of an engineer, let alone receive the salary of one, is doing the same job two engineers do in a company without Sisense.”

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