Marketing Company Eliminates 90% of Daily Data Preparation Time

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data preperation time eliminated

primary data sources

tens of millions
of rows of data

Executive Summary

Financial Media, a 360° marketing agency, needed a solution to cut the manual hours spent on their daily data preparation. Each department's data was an island unto itself, each having to build their own Excel data reports. This led to significant issues with the data accuracy. Instead of generating useful reports, they often left with questions about data preparation. As Head of BI, Kobi Kotlyarov realized the company needed a solution that would allow them to connect all those data silos and produce a single version of the truth. By using Sisense, the BI department has eliminated over 90% of the time spent on data preparation, allowing them to focus on answering the business questions that propel the business forward.

Sisense is our bible…it guides the majority of the company, management, marketing, and customer success managers in their work priorities.

The Opportunity: Connect Five Data Silos

Financial Media is a full-service online marketing agency providing global retail clients with end-to-end marketing solutions. They work across all online channels including social media, content, affiliate, email, video, PPC marketing, and marketing automation. Their employees are reliant on their ability to draw meaningful insights from their data, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, visualize marketing spend, and understand where to better focus their client’s marketing efforts. Kobi has five primary data sources consisting of unconnected SQL databases with tens of millions of rows of data. This data consists primarily of customer data, ad campaign attributes, customer value information, demographics, and CRM data.

The Challenge: Labor Intensive Reporting

Kobi’s existing BI solution was very difficult to connect to his data sources and did not effectively answer their business questions. To make matters worse, if a network connection got interrupted during the slow extract to Excel, there was no recovery and he’d have to start over again. Even when the extraction went smoothly, the data analysis was very slow and labor-intensive. Company managers could not even effectively analyze their own data without assistance from the BI department.

The Search is on

Having worked in BI for some time, Kobi was aware of various 3rd party solutions that were available and knew what he wanted as a feature set. He needed to be able to:

  • Efficiently aggregate data from multiple, scattered sources
  • Free his BI team to focus on data analysis and eliminate hours of daily data preparation
  • Have data backups with the simple ability to restore the environment in case of network outage
  • Inspire data visualization with an easy-to-use interface with drill down and meaningful analysis
    for all users

After testing various solutions, the Sisense POC was the only one that met his criteria. Within the first day, Kobi was connecting all of his standalone databases from each department and starting to see meaningful results.

Before Sisense, my email inbox was overflowing with time-consuming data preparation questions. With Sisense, the emails I receive now are focused primarily on answering business questions.

Deep Dive Into Single Source of Truth

Financial Media credits Sisense with providing the company a functional, self-service BI tool, which creates one version of company truth and is easily understood by all employees. With Sisense, aside from having to build new Elasticubes, data is automatically connected, analyzed, visualized, and up-to-date.

Additionally, Kobi credits Sisense for its off-the-shelf and custom-built plug-in integration, with Accordion and Regression plug-ins in widespread use. The Accordion plug-in allows Financial Media employees to click on an indicator and expand or collapse their dashboard, allowing for a high-level overview and the ability to investigate marketing, campaign, and affiliate marketing trends in the same dashboard. This allows for effective analysis of past and present marketing campaigns, while using predictive analysis to estimate Financial Media’s future revenue potential and develop more profitable relationships with customers. Kobi is also making use of custom-built plug-ins, including a color-coded widget, which provides every customer with a score, or a defined value, based on past investment
performance, country of origin, and other information. This allows Financial Media to effectively segment customers, identify VIP clients, and strategically tailor client offerings, unleashing the maximum potential of their marketing data.

Hero Moment

The near total elimination of the daily hours of data preparation by Kobi and his BI team has led to a transformative moment for Financial Media. His team is now focused on meaningful business analysis rather than data preparation. The company now has a single source of truth so all the users arrive at the same results from their data. Financial Media is able to unleash the maximum potential of their marketing data, uncovering the effectiveness of online campaigns, analyzing traffic quality, and effectively calculating overall customer value for their clients.