Executive Summary

Fiverr is a global online marketplace with services starting at five dollars and increasing up to thousands of dollars. With millions of services and offices around the world, Fiverr is transitioning from a startup to a full fledged corporation. Fiverr has a team of data analysts dedicated to BI but the nature and size of their data made it very difficult to provide any insights in a timely fashion with a single source of truth. Slava Bordovsky, Head of Business Intelligence, needed to make a change. By finding Sisense he has been able to completely change how decisions get made.

The Opportunity

For Fiverr, company data is the most proven source of insight. Fiverr believes that in the world of e-commerce, gaining the upper hand is no longer about looking at what competitors are doing; it’s about learning from users. They don’t deploy any new features without understanding their value first. As departments began understanding the impact of data on their successes, the need for accurate data reporting became more urgent.

The Challenge: Real-Time, Rapid Reporting

Slava wanted to connect data from MySQL with data from Google Docs, Spreadsheets and Analytics in order to better track ‘events,’ user actions on the company website and mobile app, and see the bigger picture. As users increased, so did Fiverr’s needs. Data became larger and more complex, adding millions of rows a day from a variety of sources. Though Fiverr uses an internal big data system based on Hadoop to track their user behavior, data got too complex for the team to easily and quickly build reports and dashboards.

Management lacked a real-time look into user behavior on their website, and their other data was scattered among multiple sources, which meant Slava wasn’t getting consistent answers. Their data was growing so rapidly that the normal system traffic was bogging down the current BI process and only a dedicated BI developer knew how to build any reports.

Fiverr’s strength is its ability to develop features that its audience needs and loves. The product department uses BI as a fundamental element of their development process to determine their product roadmap. Because everything is dynamic and Slava needs reports as close to real-time as possible, they are constantly changing the way they look at their data by changing schemes, adding tables, columns, and calculations.

The Search Is On

Slava had used Sisense at a previous employer, so after a frustrating experience trying out another popular BI tool, he was happy to show the power and flexibility of Sisense to management. With traditional BI tools and OLAP cubes, it took too long to refresh a dashboard–even their best-performing dashboards lagged and it required someone that was dedicated to and completely trained in that environment to build reports. Sisense, on the other hand, has enabled Slava to combine multiple large data sources and gain complete transparency into what is going on in every part of their website and mobile app.

“Within seconds we can run a report with over 20 queries and see real-time results.”

Independent Reporting

Sisense is now Fiverr’s main reporting platform, deployed across all departments with tens of millions of rows of data on a commodity server and a team of analysts using it to independently build reports and dashboards. The independence of users is a real game changer for Slava. All his analysts can build reports and dashboards, change and join data sources, and get insights completely on their own.

The product team at Fiverr makes key product decisions based on user behavior. These behaviors give insights into what new features are needed and how a feature is resonating with their users. Fiverr was always data driven, but with Sisense it is in their DNA now.

“The technology behind Sisense is incredible, it utilizes memory really well and end users can really feel it.”

Hero Moment

Fiverr uses Sisense for reporting in all departments including product, marketing, PR, business development, and upper management. One exciting application Slava put together can be found on TV monitors hanging on the office walls in every department, including the online marketing, product and dev teams, and upper management. Upper management loves the scorecards with classic red, yellow, and green gauges. Everyone can see how the company is doing at any time. “There has been a change in behavior since the TV monitors with Sisense dashboards went up– departments are more aware and motivated to meet their goals,” Slava said.

The bottom line for Fiverr is that Sisense allows them to create a completely agile environment to make quick and smart decisions based on its customer user behavior.

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