Hive Leverages Sisense to Win Over Enterprise Clients, Unveils Data Discoveries

Executive Summary

Hive is a productivity platform on a mission to improve workplace productivity for companies of all sizes, in all fields. Trusted by companies like Starbucks, Uber, and IBM, Hive helps manage process and projects at individual, team, and company-wide levels. Data plays an important role in Hive’s product, especially after embedding Sisense into their platform. Hive has leveraged Sisense to create a separate analytics dashboard that differentiates them from the competition, helps close increased enterprise deals, and has spurred several successful marketing campaigns.

Analytics as a Competitive Advantage

For the Hive team, partnering with Sisense was a natural evolution and extension of their platform. Hive’s competitors only offered very basic analytics, and they saw this as an opportunity to get ahead of the competition. Their users were also requesting access to a more robust analytics solution. Additionally, the company hoped to secure larger enterprise customers, for which robust analytics were a requirement.


The Search is On

Initially, the Hive team considered building an analytics solution themselves. However, when they realized they could layer a tool on top of their existing platform, they started searching for an analytics partner.

The three main needs for the Hive team included:

1. Ease of Use – As a company that moves fast, they didn’t want to spend a ton of time getting things into place.
2. Embeddability – They wanted a solution that would embed right into their existing platform easily.
3. Report Design – Armed with the knowledge that their customers all have different needs, they wanted a tool that would allow custom report builds.

The Hive team narrowed down their search to two tools but found that the other option was lacking in ease of use and support. Ultimately it was the ease of integration and the support in all areas of the sales process and onboarding that pushed the Hive team to choose Sisense.

Uptick in Enterprise Sales

It only took 6-8 weeks for the Hive team to implement their embedded Sisense solution, which they branded as “Hive Analytics” and embedded within their enterprise offering. The addition of analytics immediately increased enterprise opportunities.

Hive Analytics is centered around three standard dashboards, in addition to predictive alerts:

1. My Productivity – a summary of a person’s personal activity
2. Team Productivity – a summary of productivity in a given workspace
3. Time Tracking – insights into how teams track and estimate time

Feedback from Hive’s customers has been great and offers some unexpected insights. Most of Hive’s users complete work at or below the director level. However, customers have reported that Hive Analytics has brought upper management into the platform because it gives them a high-level view of what’s happening within their teams. Hive Analytics has helped make Hive a catalyst for data-driven business decisions.

Hero Moment

Although the Hive team knew they were sitting on mountains of data related to how people work, they were previously never able to access and process it. With a bounty of accessible Sisense insights, the Hive team launched a series of State of the Workplace Reports in which they dive into anonymized data, revealing insights on how people work.

For example, Hive published a report examining gender and the difference between how men and women engage in the workplace. They were able to use Hive Analytics to uncover data about who assigns more tasks, who chats more, if people assign more tasks to people of their own gender, and much more.

While these reports were not the reason Hive looked for an analytics solution, they’ve become a fun and effective marketing tool that evokes a positive social response and has gained media attention.

Once people dig into the tool, they want to create things that work for them. We’re really happy we chose Sisense because it’s so easy to customize for each customer’s needs.