Luzern Drives Customer Engagement and Stickiness with Sisense BloX

Executive Summary

Luzern leverages technology and expertise to connect and drive marketplace sales on Amazon for leading brands worldwide. Through their Channel Optimizer platform, they provide actionable insights to their clients on rich data collected from multiple channels and systems. To support continuous innovation and drive engagement and stickiness, Luzern leverages Sisense BloX to bring to life visually appealing and actionable analytic apps that provide clients with the most seamless and engaging user experiences.

About Luzern

Connecting and driving marketplace sales on Amazon for brands worldwide, Luzern builds, analyzes, and executes eCommerce actions to help clients position their brand and increase margins. By using technology to help brands sell products online in a way that is driven by data and powered by experts, Luzern’s platform and technical expertise have helped them dramatically grow online revenues for large and mid-size companies including Philips, Nestle, JDE, Blackberry, PetSafe, and Turtle Beach.

Luzern’s eCommerce platform, Channel Optimizer (CO), allows clients to maximize sales and margins across all online channels using proprietary Smart Plays. Powered by the CO platform, brands are introduced to millions of new customers within days of adding inventory, digital assets, and pricing details. And after executing the Smart Plays, Luzern continually measures key metrics to ensure that the result achieved matches or exceeds expectations.

As part of this measurement, Luzern empowers customers to identify and collect thousands of data points specific to products and competitors. In addition, they also apply data science and algorithms specific to brands and buyers, enabling more sales and maximizing margin. By using self-service dashboards, clients can monitor performance and effectiveness of their unique Smart Plays—providing direct insight into the value created by the Luzern platform itself.

luzer dashboard

The Luzern Platform

Luzern’s CO platform gives their clients the visibility and flexibility to:

  • Maintain Better Control over the Amazon Channel: Powered by the CO platform and Smart Play functionality, clients can achieve and maintain better control over the Amazon channel by optimizing their selling price, inventory, seller profiles, and assortment strategy across Amazon 1P (Retail) and 3P (Marketplaces). Clients can use Smart Plays to run health checks, Amazon advertisements, manage sales rank, feedback, and maximize sales and margin.
  • Sell Directly to Consumers on a Global Basis: The CO Platform and Smart Plays can be used for multi-currency checkouts, merchant of record, abandoned carts, improved conversion, SKU ranging, customer journey, personalization, price per country, localized store recommendations, and much more.
  • Optimize Amazon Advertising: Luzern provides full-funnel attribution and reporting down to the keyword level on CTR, Conversion Rates, CPC, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and Advertised ASI, among others.


Embedded Analytics at Luzern

Actionable insights are a key cornerstone of the core offering. By white labeling and embedding Sisense into the CO platform, Luzern provides several out-of-the-box dashboards to their customers which cover a wide range of metrics including:

  • Sales and Revenue
  • Fulfillment Lead Times
  • Order Backlog
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory Management
  • Executive Summary
  • Additional Operational Metrics (ex. Order Defects)

Taking the Next Step: Operationalizing BI

As a part of their innovation engine and ongoing mission to drive value for clients, Luzern is transforming existing dashboards and rethinking new dashboards. The goal: to make dashboards look more like business apps with highly visual and interactive elements that allow users to take actions without ever leaving the dashboard.

Luzern leverages Sisense BloX to take this next step and go beyond the traditional dashboard.

Sisense BloX is a toolset from Sisense that can be leveraged to build fully customized, beautiful, and actionable analytic apps in a low-code environment. Sisense Blox combines the power of React, the popular UI library for the rendering layer, and the powerful Sisense analytic data engine for the KPIs and metrics.

Taking Action from Analytics: Pausing Ad Campaigns Directly from Dashboards

The Buy Box Analysis dashboard allows a client to view their marketing spend on Amazon Advertising. At the top, the user gets a consolidated view of their spend with the ability to slice, dice, and narrow down the spend based on multiple dimensions, be it the GEO, Product, Campaign, Ad Group, and so on. Directly within the dashboard, the user can narrow down to a particular set of ads and campaigns that require further inspection. Right clicking on the element of interest allows them drill in further.

luzern dashboard

The Sisense BloX Action calledJumpToDash takes the user to a dashboard which pulls up the relevant ad in a Sisense BloX widget with metrics like number of campaigns, number of ads, SKUs, spend, GMV Booked, and ACoS%.

The dashboard then allows the user to mark the ad as successful, put it on a watch list, or kick off an action in Amazon to pause the ad.

Without this feature, taking data-driven actions can be a tedious, resource-driven process through a screen-based data entry form. Typically, these changes must be made on an ad by ad basis or bulk uploaded with a pre-filled file template containing different requirements for each Amazon Geos. With Sisense BloX, on the other hand, end users can narrow their focus to points that need action and take action easily and quickly without leaving the context of analytics.

Customizing Dashboards to Enhance Look & Feel

In addition to actions, Luzern leverages Sisense BloX across dashboards for a number of aesthetic reasons:

Pending Shipment

A prime example of this is a dashboard leveraged by the fulfillment floor to track pending shipments—the team displays the pending shipment dashboard on TV screens on the fulfillment floor! Sisense BloX is used to highlight key metrics such as Backlog, Shipped, Pending, and Oldest Order Age and makes it easy for the shipment team to stay on top of pending requests.

luzern dashboard

luzern dashboard

Executive Summary Dashboard, Purpose-Built for Mobile Responsiveness

Luzern provides an executive summary dashboard highlighting high-level metrics like Booked Today ($), Time of Day Avg, Top Selling SKUs, etc. The dashboard is typically consumed via email on a mobile device. In order to build a richer, mobile-friendly user experience, Luzern leveraged Sisense BloX to build a two-column dashboard with custom, indicator-style widgets. When viewed on mobile, the two column dashboard turns into a long-form, scrollable page with the day’s key highlights.

luzern dashboard mobile

Driving Internal Office Camaraderie with Custom Competition Tracker

A great way to drum up internal office camaraderie is with some friendly competition. Luzern has an internal “Step Challenge” to see who walks the most! Applications are a great way to showcase metrics—and what better way to drive enthusiasm than a competition metrics dashboard designed to drive interest and engagement?

luzern dashboard

Getting User Feedback to Drive Customer Engagement

Continuous user feedback is important on any application. Luzern leverages Sisense BloX to get feedback from users through a custom input form that kicks off a customized and designed summary email to the BI team.

Step 1: Build Sisense BloX Form
Step 2: Hook up the Sisense BloX Form to Google Sheets using Zapier
Step 3: Kick off email (added in HTML format for customized emails) from Zapier

Learn How To Build a BloX Input Form

luzern dashboard

Embed Sisense BloX Widgets in a Parent Application

With their new and updated platform, Luzern aims to blur the lines between analytics and operations to ensure that analytics is an integral part of the larger narrative. To further support this goal, they embed Sisense BloX widgets as standalone app elements to build a completely customized look and feel that matches their design aesthetics and requirements.

luzern dashboard

With Sisense BloX, my team has the functionality they need to build “full circle” data experiences. BloX unleashes additional analytics functionality that will streamline workflows and decision making in the e-commerce industry.

-Patrick Sherlock, Chief Product Officer, Luzern


Luzern provides a suite of analytic dashboards and offerings to their customers built on the Sisense analytic and visualization engine. In addition to that, Luzern leverages Sisense BloX to combine traditional analytic widgets and app-like widgets to turn their dashboards into storyboards. This enables end users to see the most relevant insights through a highly-interactive and visually appealing medium, drill down to relevant data points, and take data-driven action.