Oscar Health Uses Data Insights to Build a More Connected Healthcare System

One of the biggest problems in healthcare is how disconnected data has become. Across the whole healthcare system, lab data, drug data, and doctor data are all in different places, and no one can see it all. Oscar Health is building a healthcare system to see what’s happening across all those healthcare silos and bring them together in one place. Data is absolutely crucial in making that happen.

When Clare Lynch joined Oscar Health as a product analyst in 2017, Sisense for Cloud Data Teams was the brand new, shiny tool she got to start off with. Prior to that, the team had been using a whole mix of tools to analyze and share insights about user engagement across the company.

With Sisense for Cloud Data Teams on board, data scientists at Oscar Health began putting together evergreen dashboards to give their leadership team visibility into the core metrics they tracked across the business. With all their data together in one place and access to changes to that data available in real-time, they have now expanded their use of the platform to solve a number of other business problems.

“Having solved some of our basic outstanding reporting needs, we’re now moving on to try to answer much more complex questions about our membership and about our usage,” says Lynch. “The rate that Sisense for Cloud Data Teams has been pushing out new features has been totally helpful in this regard. Not only are we able to do those really simple, intuitive dashboard reports, but they’ve pushed out all sorts of new features: you can now integrate with R and Python and do scripting right off the bat, inside the tool. The amount of innovation and the speed at which they are launching new features makes it an incredibly powerful tool for us to use as we are trying to ramp up our understanding of complex behavior patterns.”

“There’s a balance between trying to maintain centralized management of data while simultaneously achieving democratization,” says Cole Morris, Head of Analytics at Oscar Health. “We want to have a world where people can rely on the underlying data inputs, but simultaneously be able to build things on top of them themselves when they need it. We’ve been using Sisense for Cloud Data Teams as the platform for that. We have our data team building out centralized data inputs, but lots of people across the company have access to the platform, so if they have a question they need answered, they can just spin up a chart.”

That has led employees like Growth Marketing Manager Alessandro Cetera to feel empowered with data at the start of their day. Cetera says the first thing he does in the morning (after grabbing his coffee) is to look through Sisense for Cloud Data Teams. “I take a look at how performance was yesterday from high-level, top-of-the-funnel web traffic, but I can also start to look at some of the deeper metrics,” says Cetera. “For me, what’s changed is that rather than running a set of SQL queries and having to cut through things in Excel, I can just go in and refresh Sisense for Cloud Data Teams and get everything I need in a snapshot.”

“With Sisense for Cloud Data Teams, we’re able to take someone who has a basic knowledge of SQL, and have them spin up a dashboard for a feature that they launch or a test that they’re running,” says Cetera. “It’s a democratization of data that allows those who aren’t data scientists to plug in and understand how they are making an impact. And more importantly, we can take those insights and showcase them to the broader company.” 

“Sisense for Cloud Data Teams has really allowed us to create a flexible solution for everyone in the company to play with,” says Neha Kumar, Director of Product Management at Oscar Health. “With its ease of use, accessibility for non-technical users, the sheer amount of data we can load in there, and the number of filters and different ways we can play with data, I don’t think we could have done that with any other tool but Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.”

“What we’ve seen is just a proliferation of people spinning up dashboards quickly to solve a problem they encounter in their day-to-day business,” says Eddie Segel, SVP of Business at Oscar Health. “That’s amazing to see because all of this core data analysis we’re doing as a company is injected into every part of our business and every decision we’re making. That’s something that other healthcare companies aren’t doing, and we’re able to do it here in part because of Sisense for Cloud Data Teams.”