Profusion Cuts Down Report Generation Time From Days to Minutes by Embedding Sisense

Executive Summary:

Profusion, a data science and marketing services company, was used to creating reports for its customers that were slow and reactive. When they decided they wanted to build a BI platform that their clients could access for a range of use cases, Dale Bradman, Data Engineer, and Henrik Nordmark, Head of Data Science, decided that, having already used Sisense internally, they should expand their usage and create a brand-new product, ProfusionBI, by embedding Sisense. Now, reports that at one time took 20 days to create take a mere 20 minutes.

The Challenge: Manual and Sporadic Reporting

Profusion wished to shift its clients’ businesses away from reliance on slow, reactive and manual Excel-based reporting and onto fast, proactive and real-time optimization.

A London creative agency asked Profusion to develop a solution that would improve the way it reported ticketing data to its client, an international live show production company. It had two requirements:

  1. Clearly communicate financial investment and return through different marketing channels in an easy to use, intuitive interface.
  2. Ability to query a single customer view of its customer and extract this data for use within its other business tools.

For many years, the data had been shared on a complex spreadsheet, compiled manually by the creative agency. This contained eight years’ worth of UK data including 16 tours, three brands, 17 venues and 1.33 million customers.

The current reporting process required a lot of man hours to complete and information was only available sporadically or on the client’s request.


The Search is on

As Profusion had already been experimenting with Sisense to streamline its own internal reporting, Sisense was a natural choice.

Sisense fit both the client’s requirements.

  1. Its interactive front-end reduced time spent on reporting from 20 days to 20 minutes, and campaign audience selection from one hour to one minute per campaign. These efficiencies enable scarce agency resources to be deployed against marketing optimization rather than administration.
  2. Its powerful in-memory querying ability allowed simple filtering of a large customer base.

For its client platform, Profusion needed a solution that could be tailored and white labeled. It opted for Sisense to deploy the software on Sisense’s cloud. This means Sisense installs, manages, and maintains the server, which saves Profusion the time and responsibility of doing so and guarantees more access and scale to customers.

“Using Sisense allows us to build dashboards that our clients can log into,” says Dale. “We chose for Sisense to host the platform on the cloud because we knew it would be a lot quicker to get up and running than if we built and hosted it ourselves. A great feature is being able to have custom sub-domains and home pages for our individual clients, making it feel like our own implementation.”


After introducing the Sisense client platform, Profusion can create complex dashboards, giving clients a 360-degree view of their businesses. As the entertainment company client operates in a sector where giants such as Ticketmaster dominate and Amazon generates
increasing revenues, the dashboards have strengthened its proposition and the quality of its market intelligence.

Profusion has been able to open a whole new service offering named ProfusionBI and become a Business Intelligence specialist. Its white-labeled dashboards will also help the client develop stronger direct relationships with venue operators, through actions such as the timely sharing of comparative performance data.


Profusion BI

Clients can now log in to the platform whenever they want to see up-to-date information to drive their businesses forward. ProfusionBI can provide clients with business critical insights in the form of widgets, graphs, and charts.

“We can give our clients the ability to export data and use it within any other business tool to help them make smarter, faster business decisions based on real-time data-driven insights,” says Dale.