Executive Summary:

Formerly a digital marketing agency, Profusion was inspired by the plethora of client data it was collecting to start harvesting actionable insights and adding more value to its client offerings. Now a data science and intelligence marketing company, the reporting they originally developed was very manual because data was so diverse and disconnected. Despite development of an internal tool to semi-automate the process and add visualizations, the process still remained too manual to scale. Dale Bradman, Data Engineer, and Henrik Nordmark, Head of Data Science, decided they needed to find a better solution. Now with Sisense, they are able to turn around a complex dashboard that has a 360 degree view of their data in just a couple days, compared to weeks of effort before that yielded questionable results.

The Opportunity: New Business Opportunites

Profusion began using data analytics to deliver effective marketing solutions for its clients. For more than a decade, Profusion has been using powerful analytical techniques to make sense of complex data to provide a complete solution for CRM services and analytics for global organizations, from financial services to health and retail. The problem was that when they moved from marketing to analytics, it required the consistent formulation of marketing effectiveness reports from the analysis of more than a Terabyte of data stemming from multiple, scattered, data sources such as Adobe and Redpoint. On top of this, they also needed to analyze exported, unstructured, data in MySQL, AWS Redshift, and Hadoop.

The Challenge: Connecting it All Together

Profusion traditionally produced reports manually using standard Microsoft Office tools but the process became increasingly time-consuming with incremental data aggregation. Following this, Profusion created its own front end data visualization tool using JavaScript and D3 to try and semi-automate the reporting process, yet the process was not fully automated and remained an operation of growing time and energy. It was at this point that Dale and Henrik began to look for a third party solution.

The Search is on

Dale and Henrik wanted a multi-functional Business Intelligence tool to serve as more than just a data visualization platform. They needed a BI tool that provided back-end capabilities to fully automate the reporting process – in addition to the need for dashboard interactivity. Initial demos of competing products had not produced a desirable result. Impressed by a demo of Sisense at a Strata event, Henrik decided to evaluate Sisense and was pleasantly surprised.

Sisense fit perfectly into the Profusion work flow by giving them an easy way to manipulate flows of data using the Sisense Elasticube and create new dashboards from scratch that are highly customizable and allow for white labeling. It also allowed them to reuse their custom javascript code with already established business logic in order to leverage the powerful Sisense back-end servers as an ETL tool for complex data.

Results: Independent Reporting And Insights

With Sisense, Henrik has empowered consultants and users to find insights in the data independently, and as a timetool to measure the performance of internal projects. Prior to Sisense, internal dashboard users would have to go to the data science team for multiple requests, like breaking down the data in digestible ways or adding more data to solutions. Fulfilling every request created a bottleneck and dashboards just weren’t scalable before. With Sisense the data is formatted into the dashboard and the consultants just use menu options without ever having to contact the Data Science team.

Sisense has opened doors for us, but on a daily basis we appreciate the ease-of-use and scalability it has brought to Profusion.

Hero Moment

Dale now leverages Sisense as an ETL monitoring tool to assist in the data transferral process. He has to work with legacy systems, MySQL, Hadoop and NoSQL data sources. Sisense monitors the transfer of data in a simple dashboard that notifies him when data has successfully transferred from point A to point B. The ETL dashboard uses widgets that turn green as data completes every stage of a transfer or red if an error has occurred, counting the number of rows and tables of data being transferred.

Sisense allows them to manage their own business as well as customers’ data. Sisense has opened doors for Profusion, but on a daily basis the ease of use and scalability it has brought to Profusion has been an incredible win.

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