RetailZoom Powers Predictive Data Models for Retail Giants with Sisense

Executive Summary

RetailZoom is a predictive analytics and market research consultancy that brings actionable insights to supermarket and retail chains. Powered by a team of data scientists, RetailZoom’s predictive data models help retail executives mine terabytes of transactional and demographic data to make decisions about the size, scope, and content of promotional campaigns and product placement to impact ROI.

Constantinos Mavrommatis, Lead Data Scientist at RetailZoom, understood the value that his predictive models could bring to the industry. But he also knew that legacy methods of visualizing and delivering market research and predictive analytics projects were hindering the trust factor his clients needed in order to invest in his services. By partnering with Sisense, Retailzoom is now able to power their data models with a robust business intelligence platform to reveal actionable insights in minutes.

The Challenge: Moving Past Excel

Prior to partnering with Sisense, Constantinos delivered his client projects in Excel files. After securing one client in particular, he set to work performing a deep analysis of how their current promo strategy was impacting purchasing behavior. It took his team weeks to model the data and then turn around to present their findings in a series of Excel pivot tables.

When he sent the completed project to the customer, however, she wasn’t able to view his work. Her old version of Excel didn’t support the pivot table functionality Constantinos relied on to display his findings—so he was forced to buy a laptop with the latest version of Excel and gift it to his client as a present. There had to be another way.

The Search is On

Selecting a BI platform to power RetailZoom’s growing client base was a big decision—and Constantinos didn’t take it lightly. He spoke to nearly every platform available on the market and was close to going with a huge, established industry player. But then he came across Sisense in a chance Google search.

Back in 2015, Sisense was a small player on the BI and analytics scene. But Constantinos had a thing for niche players, and he saw the potential in partnering with a BI platform that was newer on the scene. “I like new companies,” says Constantinos. “From my perspective, going with a new company means new people, new ideas, more passion, and more support.”

The competition made him feel like a cog in a wheel. Complicated licensing structures didn’t give him the flexibility he needed with his varying client accounts. And with the lowest TCO on the market, Sisense was the solution he knew would help him land the bigger client accounts he was after.

Down With Powerpoint: Dashboards Win Deals

As a data scientist, Constantinos knew that Powerpoint slides weren’t doing his data models or the Sisense platform justice. Because every solution can sound like the best solution in 5 bullet points. But no one wants to read a slide about how fast a solution can create associations between products. No one wants to read an executive summary about how fast the ETL process will be. Anyone can make claims. Constantinos knew that his potential customers wanted to see what’s possible if they choose his services.

Retailzoom was bidding for a large FMCG organization’s analytics, competing with 7 companies for the opportunity, including a couple of the biggest research companies in the area. With his last .pptx file in his virtual recycle bin, Constantinos went on the road with his laptop and some sample dashboards from past client projects.

The tool is fast and the commitment to customer success and long-term relationship building is incomparable in the current BI and analytics market.

Hero Moment

With his predictive dashboards on tap, Constantinos opened his presentation with a simple request for the executive panel sitting in front of him: “Tell me what you want to see.”

“They were pretty confused for a moment,” says Constantinos. But when they realized I was serious, they began to challenge me with hypothetical questions— questions that would take their team of data scientists weeks to aggregate and answer.” In minutes, Constantinos used this dashboards to simulate the time it would take to pinpoint hidden product associations with Sisense powered by his data models. And RetailZoom was hired.

“When it comes to landing big deals with competitive requests and procedures, Sisense sells my services for me,” says Constantinos. “It’s actually as fast as I promise it is, and my potential clients can see the real value in my predictive data models without pages of pivot tables.”


With Sisense as his chosen platform, Constantinos couldn’t be happier. “The tool is fast and the commitment to customer success and long-term relationship building is incomparable in the current BI and analytics market.”