Sisense Data Connector for Access

Gain Control of Your Databases With Sisense and Microsoft Access

Integrating Sisense business intelligence tools with your Microsoft Access gives you greater control over your data along with faster querying and analysis times. Create dashboards that combine multiple data streams to gain deeper insights about your business. Moreover, you can easily access any database with natural language processing, as well as make ad-hoc analyses in seconds. The Microsoft Access connector is designed to make your data more dynamic and actionable.

The Benefits of Microsoft Access and Sisense

Integrating your Microsoft Access with Sisense BI gives you several key benefits, including:

  • Get the answers you need on demand: Using Sisense’s natural language processing lets you query your multiple data streams more efficiently. Quickly build ad-hoc analysis and easily establish the parameters you need to generate better results.
  • Mashup your databases for new perspectives: Combine data from your multiple Access databases and find new perspectives from unusual pairings. Using Sisense ElastiCubes, you can mash up data sets to produce different results and resolve problems before they emerge.
  • View your data in real time: See how your data sets evolve, as it happens. Sisense’s real-time analytics help you keep track of KPIs, new information, and trends as they occur to make better, smarter decisions as a result.
  • Visualize your data in new ways: Using Sisense’s dynamic visualizations, you can create unique representations of data sets and combined streams. Get rid of the standard bar and line charts and use visualizations that gather the most intelligence from your data, helping you improve the comprehension of your business and act more efficiently.

Connecting with Microsoft Access

To implement the Microsoft Access connector for Sisense, explore this documentation

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