Sisense Data Connector for Amazon Athena

Easily access data for analysis with the Sisense Amazon Athena data connector. 

The AWS and Sisense partnership is designed to complement the data and compute scalability from AWS with the business analytics power of the Sisense Data and Analytics Platform.

Now, with Sisense’s native Amazon Athena connector, you can access unstructured data in S3 and apply standard SQL to extract and query data with ease. Sisense’s cached ElastiCube data model delivers exceptional performance for both ad-hoc data exploration, and it can be mashed up with other data sources, all without additional costs per query. 

The Benefits of AWS Athena

Serverless: Amazon Athena is serverless so there is no infrastructure to manage, and you only pay for the queries that you run from your data in Amazon S3.

Low Cost and Easy to Manage: Pay only for the queries run. Optimize cost and performance using compression, partitioning and storing data

Refined Analytics: AWS Athena supports standard JDBC to select data that can be used in the analysis. Use standard SQL with the Amazon Athena interactive query service to query the data directly within S3. 

The Benefits of Sisense and AWS Athena

Experience Better Query Performance: Sisense’s native AWS Athena data connector delivers various enhancements that make it easier to access to unstructured data in S3 and deliver exceptional query performance ad-hoc data exploration using Sisense’s cached data models. 

Explore Your Data in New Ways: Quickly access Amazon S3 data buckets using the Sisense drag-and-drop interface, self-service platform. Sisense delivers metadata information and schemas to Sisense ElastiCube to allow you to bring in data from multiple sources, and then merge, manipulate and query the data as if it was one consolidated data set.

Take Advantage of the Sisense In-Memory Performance Accelerator: Enrich S3 data by combining it together with dozens of other tables and data sources into a single data model, all without additional costs per query 

Operationalize S3 Data with the Sisense Platform: Broaden the scope of builders who can access unstructured S3 data by reducing the burden on data teams to aggregate, compress and manipulate the data to achieve acceptable query performance. 

Connecting to Amazon Athena

To create your Sisense and Amazon Athena connector, begin by exploring this link.

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