Sisense Data Connector for Amazon Kinesis

Get the Data you Need in Real Time with Sisense and Amazon Kinesis

When you connect your Sisense business intelligence tools with Amazon Kinesis, you give your analytics the power of real-time streams. Take advantage of a low-cost data gathering utility that presents information about your streaming data—from videos, audio, applications, and IoT devices, for instance—that you can analyze instantly as it resolves.

Speed up the time from gathering data to deriving insights by reducing the need for storage and warehousing with improved AWS BI tools. Sisense and the Amazon Kinesis connector help you visualize your analytics in real-time, regardless of your data scale.

The Benefits of Sisense and Amazon Kinesis

Connecting Sisense to your Amazon Kinesis analytics data streams delivers several key advantages, including:

  • See how your IoT devices are working, as they operate. IoT is an increasingly vital part of many applications, and it supplies you with real-time data. Give your team the ability to see reports based on IoT telemetry, as it arrives.
  • Create better reports with instantly actionable data. Real-time data streams from Amazon Kinesis give you the ability to pre-parse your data and perform simple analysis that you can include on reports for more immediate insights.
  • Collect data from as many sources as you need, on demand. Amazon Kinesis provides you with the support to scale up low-latency data, making it easy to keep track of massive IoT networks, app logs, and other hard-to-monitor sources.
  • Create complex data streams in seconds. Centralize streams or create the specific data sources you need by combining multiple streams into different layers to obtain more in-depth results.

Connecting to Amazon Kinesis

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